Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Looming Illegal-Immigration Iceberg

Why only one post in three weeks?
Besides the unavoidable fact that a person gets busier in the warmer, Summer months, I am standing back, in sheer dismay at all the impotent and convoluted justifications for this Illegal Amnesty bill, S. 1348 being made these days.

Like watching a trainwreck or witnessing the Titanic sinking, I'm seeing this country sabotaged from within and without foresight.

This is bewildering to me to read or hear how America must do something NOW to address this problem. This didn't just occur yesterday, or last month or even last year; this problem has been growing since the last "Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants" bill, in 1986. (In waiting, watching, I have entertained fantasies about physical abuses to our elected Representatives for their actions)

I am literally dumbfounded seeing that there are 53 Senators who voted in favor of this criminal bill, the last time it came to a Cloture vote in that formally hallowed Hall... silent as a result of dismay!!

Chief Traitor and Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada yesterday called the two-dozen million illegal immigrants "UN-documented Americans" on the floor of the Senate.
Lots of completely illogical reasons are being floated as to why these people ought to be, and Deserve to Be allowed Amnesty, and freedom to sneak into our country, taking our jobs, and inevitably straining the Medicare/Medicaid benefits, and Social Security benefits, as well as Welfare program entitlements to our own people.

I'm only silent on this blog, believe me. Daily I either call Representatives or Senators, or send emails or faxes to same, in the fading hope that certain of these people will listen to me, a real American, only a single member of a huge set of irritated American voters who are also pissed off.

(I dread to see my next phone bill!)
(But if this bill is finally defeated, or when a proper bill is passed, then that phone bill will be money very well spent)

To witness such a flagrant and arrogant disregard of the intentions of the citizens of this country, only to seek to pass a terrible bill aimed at appeasing only 20 - 24 million non-citizens is unthinkable.... is this just a bad nightmare that I'm having?

Or is the Nightmare occurring to all Americans too? I'm also dreaming of stringing up several "top national leaders", but that's pretty much a good dream.

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Abouna said...

The idiots in Congress and the Big Lobotomized idiot in the White House, are just hell bent on giving America away.

Are up for going on the "War Path"? I am. Every one of those nuts in Washington should be prosecuted, persecuted and executed all in one day.