Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ambushed by PMK on last Saturday!

I have been making comments on for about 2 years now.

Also, I've purchased author Robert Spencer's two most recent books, plus copies to give to my boss at my casino, and to Choctaw Chief Gregory Pyle.

But lately, and unfortunately, I have been the focal point of personal attacks by another 'commenter' there, called "PMK".

This abuse has gone on for about 1 week or so, maybe more now.

PMK challenges my opinions, seeking to draw me into a debate, insisting that I defend my opinions posted there, or if I do not, 'PMK' begins to call me names there, in her (??) later posts.

I feel instinctively that PMK is female, because of the nature of her posts, both to/at me, and to/at others.

This past weekend, I posted my opinion on a topic at JihadWatch, on Saturday. Some three + hours later, I posted a second one, this time requesting generally, not specifically, that everyone there please keep on-topic, and refrain from personal attacks. This I did, in an effort to keep other idiot posters from attacking a very liberal, probably Muslim or Taliban poster called "Progressive".

In no way, in my second post there, do I single out any other post-er, commenter. But did I succeed in trying to have Mr. Spencer's rules for comments followed?

NOT no, But HELL NO!! Here is where this whole Mess gets ugly:
I emailed Mr. Robert Spencer no less than 6 times since Saturday night, and have received four emails in return from this esteemed man. He may take action against the abusive PMK, but he has requested the following specific information from the article in question. I will keep my readers (all 2 of you!! Love ya!) abreast of these abuses, and how they may be resolved.

PMK, which likely stands for Post-Menstrual-KOOK, began attacking me, baiting me, trying to pull me into a debate with her, which I see as contrary to the rules of the "Comments" section of each article.

I herewith submit the links, the timestamps to the article in question, FOR YOUR JUDGEMENT. I'd really like to hear your reactions, if you will please also.

Here they all are, from an article called : Iraq PM: Country Can Manage Without U.S. , the first four of the following are my posts, read them for yourselves; Then read the venomous, venal comments made to me, your localmalcontent, by PMK, the Post Menstrual Kook:


(My initial response to the article)


(My generic, non-specific request for all to please stay on topic, rather than make personal attacks)


(Here I gave in and responded to PMK, and to ZenaWarriorPrincess)


(Here I courteously asked PMK specifically to refrain from personally attacking me, trying to draw me into a debate)

These are the six posts which were directed at me, both offensive and off-topic from PMK:







It is just sad when Americans volley in debate over Muslim aggression, Jihad;
But PMK is obviously only a lonely, probably lard-assed, homely girl on a computer.

Needing companionship desperately, no matter what he/she must do to get it.....

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