Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Brother, Can You Spare a Tiny Dime?

It occurs to me that former
President Bill J. Clinton and future dictator Hillary Clinton have patterned themselves after Franklin D. Roosevelt
and his family's kooky cast of characters (Franklin and Elenors' children all turned
out to be nuts, mental cases, just like I
predict Chelsea Clinton will).

For it was Roosevelt, Franklin that is, who was the only President who was elected to four consecutive terms, and served in that Highest office 12+ years.
The only way for another self centered egoist to match that feat would be a shyster team named "Clinton" to do the deed twice, for 8 years apiece, and 'out-doing' FDR. And that's what they are trying to do.

Far from having the United States' best interests in their hearts, their one and only passion is to be historic; to beat the system and screw the Constitution by having matching 8-year terms in the Presidency.

Do you really think for just the briefest of moments, that either of these two have the well being of America in their hearts? For a very clear answer to that, just look at their past, their records in public office.

I find it relevant and revealing that Franklin D. Roosevelt's image is on a dime, which was the meager, yet most amount of money that a bum, a hobo dared to ask for, during America's great Depression of the 1930s.

Likewise, I get a derisive satisfaction that Roosevelt's dime
coin is the smallest American coin in circulation

Someday, there will be a Clinton dollar coin, recent of the U.S. mint, in their ludicrous effort to push for a harder currency than the paper dollar bill. The "Clinton Buck" should be minted and in circulation in or about the year 2016. And If I am alive then, I will not handle one of them!! Preferring rather a Reagan dollar coin or better (SEE BELOW), or change for that damned dollar in the form of quarters or nickles.

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