Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Complain, complain, complain

"the corn (and everything else) is as high as an elephant's eye,
and it looks like it's growing right up to the sky...."

Lovingly lifted from http://www.fox23.com/, the following:

(SOUTH TULSA, Okla.) July 16 - Is the city of Tulsa following its own rules when it comes to mowing the grass? One city councilor seems to doubt it.

If you let the grass in your yard grow taller than 12 inches you could face a penalty from the city. FOX23 found a piece of city owned land where the grass is about 12 inches tall. One city councilor doesn't think the city should fine itself, but he does want this grass mowed more often.

"The grass is getting pretty high," said Tulsa Councilman Cason Carter. He notes it's a problem all over town. Grass and weeds growing way too high on city land. "I think we have a responsibility to the citizens to present our community in an acceptable way."

Carter proposed additional funding in next year's budget for more mowing of city land, but it was voted down by the city council. "I was disappointed. To me, we should fund core city services, such as mowing, before we fund other things."

Carter says the budget does increase the funding to crack down on those who don't take care of private property even while he says the city doesn't take care of it's own.<

Typical of our illustrious elected officials: A Knee Jerk Reaction to a relatively common, non-problem. Has anyone up in Tulsa called their councilperson and reported that this eastern part of Oklahoma has received about 28 inches of rain, almost daily, since May 28th, thus justifying 12-inch tall lawns??

Everyone's grass is tall, Mr. Carter. Everyone has standing water of some depth in their yards, in their pastures. Is this something that we Okies really should be complaining about, considering that it wasn't all that long ago that Oklahoma could not buy an inch of rain, during the 1930s, otherwise correctly known as the Dust Bowl.

Even the word - our nickname, "OKIES", comes from that era, when many families followed the Joads from Sallisaw, Oklahoma, out to California, just to get away from the dust and the drought 'round here.

Some of my folks are in California to boot: You'd all recognize the name of one of my famous California cousins, if I mentioned it.

So these days, this area has received 1.5 times our annual rainfall already (Eastern Oklahoma usually gets 40 inches of rain annually) through today, the 17th of July. Should we, how dare we complain?? Because our lawns are growing tall?!

On the overall scale of "Things To Worry About", Too-Tall-Grass is near the end, right after No. 14,380: Stale-Saltine-Crackers-in-the-Cabinet.

I got my big yard mowed finally, on Sunday afternoon. It rained twice yesterday, on Monday, and already again today. I noticed late last night, coming home from work, my grass was already needing another mow again! And there are greater chances of rain here, come Thursday through Saturday.


Moreover, the 'fire danger' here in the forest is very low; the cattle are fat, everyones' gardens are abundant, and the fish are biting.

My only "concern" is that I can fish off my front porch!

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