Thursday, July 19, 2007

JihadWatch's Robert Spencer Nails the Most Important Issue to Me:

Here is/are the latest, and final emails from Robert Spencer, regarding the abuses directed toward me, last Saturday:

"I think you should indeed reevaluate my significance, and I hope you come to this conclusion:
I don't matter at all. Not one bit.
What matters is the cause.
I'm sorry someone insulted you. I get insulted 2000 times a day. I just keep working, and telling the truth. Why don't you do the same?"

Mr. Spencer is of course, quite right in his conclusive email to me today. For it is not my feelings which are important in this particular ordeal, but the overall and unifed resistance of us all, against Islamic Jihad; OUR COMBINED JIHADWATCH, ORGANIZED.

In a way I feel so silly (which is not unusual for me to feel, being Big Chief Local Malcontent of Oklahoma), and last Saturday, last Sunday, I did feel a personal offense; but indeed, in the long run, considering the whole matter, it is NOT my immediate feelings which are of concern; rather the entire, our total-sum offense, outrage against Jihad, and against "radical" Islamization.

I will continue to buy, to read Mr. Spencer's books, his incites into Islam, and I will express my opinions again at again--
--and Yes, I do urge every reader of my little bloggie to do the very same.

Mr. Robert Spencer is a valuable, irreplaceable source of correct interpretation of the intricacies of today's Islam.
I am both embarrassed to have brought my complaint before him for judgement, as well as being overwhelmed today by his personal interest and consideration. And comforted by his gentle slapping of my face to get me refocused on the BIGGER PROBLEM facing us all.

Cordially, with best wishes to you, Mr. Spencer, and to PMK too, and to all freedom-loving peoples, I promise to keep my temper bottled up, to be directed at the real dangers to us all, to the real and present focus on our repulsion, , upon Islam as propagated by madrases; and remembering Mr. Spencer's advice, I will keep up the good fight, telling the truth about Islam out there.

the Localmalcontent

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