Monday, July 2, 2007

"So Much for Global Warming" Proof?!

Now I ain't complaining, Lord-- as You already know, I prefer cloudy, rainy weather to Oklahoma's usual summertime climate of Real Hot and Real Humid.
When it's like breathing underwater, to be outside.

And I try to watch what I say about our current weather, hoping that I don't jinx it, making it go away and all, but wow!!

At my little piece of South-east Oklahoma, I have measured almost 17 inches of rain in 17 days, since June 14th; with only 1 (One) completely rain free day since then. (UPDATE: Today is July 15th, now the total rainfall here is UP to 22.4 inches!)

Way to go, Big Guy! I give thanks to You too for the Hopi tribe, and that big Hopi Indian Rainstick that I was given by their elders 12 years ago... It Works, and How!

Last night, again I made the same mistake I have made quite a few times lately, opening the window at the side of my bed before going to sleep... (fully expecting a 'dry night', LOL) only to be awakened around dawn with a wet butt, from the rain and cool night air coming in that window!!

Yeah, so my yard's grass is nearly 3 feet tall and I could bale it for hay, just like all my neighbors' lawns, and
Yep, the crickets and the mosquitoes, and tree frogs are thick here at night, and the Copperheads are moving higher to drier land.... toward my house on the hillside too
, but I am thankful for this terrific, unusual weather.
But ya won't hear me complaining yet.... cause I really don't like August's sticky, 110-degree, 80% humidity days, which inevitably will come.

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