Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Wonderful World of the Blogging Malcontents

Well, I am both flattered, and speechless.
OK, nearly speechless.

It is often pointed out that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That's true, but it does NOT apply here.... LOL!

But I am nevertheless upbeat about finding something unusual tonight: I meant to look up something which I'd written here at the Local Malcontent bloggie some months ago, and I thought the best way to find it would be to "google" the subject, Hillary C., along with 'malcontent', thinking I'd retrieve only my own blog subjects.

Wrong! What I found instead is ten other "Malcontent" blogs out there, and all but two began after this LocalMalcontent started, last July. In fact my one year anniversary is about to be, on the 28th of July. (would have been an earlier anniversary for me, had it not been for my earlier, ill-fated and badly named blog "My Pen Is Mightier than Your Sword".... That disaster only prompted all sorts of folk asking me about my penis in the comments thereof.)

Back to what I found:

  • There is the plain "Malcontent" blog; it is gay thru and thru, pass this one by.

  • Then there's "Big Daddy Malcontent" blog; it is a Liberal, atheist blog by a chap in Colorado.

  • There's "Deus Ex Malcontent" blog; another flaming Liberal whose byline is "Making a mockery of mockery", and while I, THE localmalcontent, can easily identify with that, 'Chez' lives in New York City, works for the liberal press there, and writes like a prissy queen, though he's married to Jayne.

  • There's "Malcontent Mama", a young lady my exact age (38), who is living in Austin, Texas. She has a sweet, precocious daughter named Annie, she's four. Just had a birthday, too.

  • There's the curious "Somewhat Malcontent" blog, a lady who knits. Apparently knits alot. Has a new job someplace where she has the fiendish pleasure of dealing again with her old boss, who now must service her in some way.

  • And there's a "Truth In Beauty" blog, composed by a "Miss Malcontent". She is a London based beauty/fashion editor.

  • There's "Donk, the RSL Malcontent", a blog which appears to be about Donk's favorite team exclusively. What is the RLS, who are the RLS?

  • In keeping with sports, there is the "ATLMalcontent" blog, covering the Atlanta Braves, sports in general, and local Atlanta news.

  • Wow! There's even "The Two Malcontents" blog; Quoting here: "The Two Malcontents" is a compilation of generational US military families who unequivocally support our troops…regardless of where they are deployed."

  • Finally, there's the "Discontent Malcontent" blog, written by a university coed in Newtown, New South Wales, Australia, a suburb of Sydney. Wonder if my pal Jon over in Sydney, author of the 'Stumble Through the Left Side' blog, knows her?

And here tonight I wanted to write something mean, though accurate, about Hillary Clinton. Instead, I am going to contact each namesake, and seek to link them here.

But wouldn't doing that make them MORE malcontent?? LOL

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Big Daddy Malcontent said...

Greetings. I'm actually a chap from Minneapolis, not Colorado, but you're right about the liberal atheist part. Cheers.