Friday, August 31, 2007

Ahh, dem. Blossom, dem. Stench of Ignorance

You will NOT believe the whining, bitching post I have come across, in my exploration of blogs within Blog Oklahoma. [see right]

Lifted from: The Left Side of the Dial, v2.o

Hurricane Katrina: Two Years Later
Two years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast with devastating fury. The scope of the human suffering in New Orleans and nearby communities such as Biloxi, MS was nothing short of overwhelming. The US government fiddled while these communities drowned. Two years on, not a whole lot has changed. The ethnic cleansing of NOLA that ensued is largely complete.I suppose if we've learned anything, it's to remind ourselves that the Prez and Congress-critters are highly unlikely to care about devastated communities and more about the profit margins of the corporations getting them "elected" in the first place. You're on your own, in other words. That said, communities can be built and rebuilt, largely DIY-style, and affected communities can offer alternative narratives to those appearing via the usual channels of corporate propaganda. We've also as a result of the NOLA disaster and the assorted military quagmires in the Middle East and Central Asia that there are some cracks in the seemingly insurmountable hyperpower's facade.

WHAT A NAIVE, JACKASS REMARK! AND BY A "doctor", TOO. Doctor my ass!

Honest, people, I did not change this person's typing or his grammar: It IS that bad!

Why not also blame the crime wave which New Orleans has, both Pre- and Post Katrina on George Bush as well? Why not blame the President also, with all crime waves, all-time? With the Depression? With the Amazin' New York Mets' 1969 W.S. victory over the Orioles? With the sad crash of an alien spaceship in 1947, outside Roswell, New Mexico?

Those dastardly, evil Republicans.

I've just about had it with lame-brain Democrats! and their blanket blame of Everything Bad on conservative Republicans!
Were I to ever write the long list of shame, of the lies, of the 'if-it-feels-good-do-it Democrats, beginning with Ted Kennedy's murder of Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969,, I would be at this keyboard for the next 25 years straight!

Yes, hurricane Katrina was bad, very bad for the Mississippi Basin area. But to put blame, to put 'ethnic cleansing' labels on our present administration, in lieu of attention to the Democratic strangle-hold present in Louisiana instead, is just Asinine.
Would this good Doctor be interested in investing some of his millions of dollars, in a city below sea level, and with a murder rate unparalleled in the United States? Would this good doctor consider moving there to practice? Well why not? He's a Democrat, with an altruistic heart, no? Could the good doctor make a municipal plan to fund a large police force with a ZERO tax base?

IFF~~ Louisiana was such a Democratically-led paradise, such a Utopia for all, including minorities,- for all these decades,- what with the dismal poverty, living conditions and squalor, why, WHY, WHY should it be expected to be suddenly better, with the addition of ONLY 141 Billiion dollars later, now? Who the hell would ever go there, live, and invest their money?

I remember New Orleans being a drug-infested ditch when I visited the city in 1998- wasn't that during the socialist wonder-boy's, Bill Clinton's watch?!?

I Certainly would not allow a doctor with such beliefs to treat me, or a family member.... Would You?

"" what we need is a true, liberal Socialist as President, as leader ""

UPDATE: I have just now spoken with Dr. Benjamin, associate professor of gobbledegook at Oklahoma Panhandle State University, in Goodwell, Ok. He's also a DJ, for their FM station there. Nice sounding fella, really; but when asked, he did not deny being a socialist.
Strike One.

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