Wednesday, August 22, 2007

HELLO, AGAIN! Have you had a good August, at least?


Man, what a bad month, a bad 5-weeks I've had!!

Since the 15th of July, 2007, my computer has been acting badly, despite it's being new, fully within it's warranty, and especially, since being chosen by ME to own.

Since July 22, 2007, I have been computer-less, having been forced by warranty and by proximity, to send my broken computer to Oakland, Cal., for a month's vacation-- sorta like being re-stuffed, or restored by "Gateway", not unlike the Tinman and the Scarecrow who were re-stuffed and rebuilt upon entering the Emerald City of Oz with Dorothy and company in that good, good movie.

To summarize the last month for me, quickly, my computer was down and out until today, August 22; I personally had an invasion of gnats in my house, where I usually killed 2,000 of them in the bathroom before I even took my morning pee, and another 450 of them in my kitchen before I made morning coffee and toasted my bagels; there is bad news on the Watson/aggravated assault conviction front, and there's some minor, seasonally-expected garden news, and then this:

Without the Internet to distract me, I had alot of time to devote to the investigation of my family tree, as a direct response to an invitation by the head curator of the National Historic Site in Fort Smith, Arkansas. This curator called me in late July to inquire whether or not I was related to the Indian who was the Choctaw language interpreter for Judge Issac C. Parker's court, in the 1870s.

Judge Parker is the original 'Hanging Judge' in the south, the southwest during that time, and is renowned around here for his version of territorial justice back then. It was a known fact that my Great-great grandfather, John Localmalcontent, was the Choctaw interpreter for Hizzonner, Judge Parker then; But there was no biographical information, no photo of this great Indian available to display there in the courtroom. That is where I came into the picture, so to speak-- and why not, I HAD LOTS OF TIME ON MY HANDS SUDDENLY, thanks to my dead computer..... and so, I took up the challenge to find my G-G-Grandad's history and his accomplishments around here in Indian Territory, with the help of my Uncle, Doctor B. Localmalcontent, a retired obstetrician (A BABY DOCTOR, OK??) who lives nearby in Western Arkansas. My only Indian relative still living, too.

Old John Localmalcontent was really an extraordinary guy. I learned a good deal of proud history about my family, in tracking him and other relatives down- among them some impressive Californians that I have spoken with in the last month.... But among other accomplishments, my GGGranddad was instrumental in reconciling the Choctaw Nation with the United States, as a signatory to the treaty which re-united the United States with the Choctaws after the Civil War, in 1866; he also was a Choctaw Supreme Court judge, in 1862-63; and was a Major in the Confederate Army during the remainder of that period, leading Indian troops in some locally important battles.

I intend to present this biographical information to the curator of the National Historic site sometime in September... in time for that historic site to honor my G-G-Granddad, along with other Indian language interpreters, during Oklahoma's 100th birthday, anniversary.

**** There is One Problem, however: The only photograph that I can come up with of my full-blood, G-G-Grandfather, shows him wearing a fake beard. This is a major problem indeed, because no full Choctaw can grow a beard....
Hell, I only shave once a week, if necessary! We just cannot grow facial hair, or indeed, much body hair at all.
So to see this guy with a good-looking beard, a goatee, (I'm kinda envious, too) is disconcerting.

I'm told by the Oklahoma Historical Society, and my uncle B., that during that time, having a beard implied that you were someone to revere, someone to listen to, someone important.
That's all I know.... not sure whether or not to have his beard airbrushed in his displayed photograph at the Historic Site in Fort Smith.
I killed off most of the gnats in my house with Lysol spray.... seems like the alcohol in that product kills both bacteria and GNATS on contact. Sorry, Raid, sorry Blackflag.
Anyway, I am back, and I'm in good spirits (But a harsh critique of inferior Gateway computers is DEFINITELY COMING SOON). I hope you are in good spirits, too.

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