Monday, August 27, 2007

The Houston Astros' Future?? The 1960s

Welcome to the Past-- The Houston Astros go Retro!!
Get out those garish rainbow unis!

Oh, man. Despite the very clear and very obvious fact that I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan, as I live, die, eat, sleep, pitch, run, bat, catch and throw every baseball along with them, I am also a big fan of the game as a whole. This may be unexplainable to readers who only like a team, but no others, and un-cognizant of the beauty of this wonderful game in it's whole.
As such a fan of this, God's favorite game, Baseball, I found the news out of Houston today provocative, odd and questionable.

The owner of the Houston nine, the Astros, today has summarily dismissed both the general manager, Mr. Tim Purpura, and manager Phil Garner; and replacing these two fine, young baseball minds with the Astros 1960s general manager Tal Smith, and bench coach and former Milwaukee bright spot, Cecil Cooper.

If I were in Houston, I would be howling at the team for this absurd and irresponsible decision.
Do the New York Yankees fire Joe Torre because the team hasn't been in a World Series since 2003? NO. (Mr. Steinbrenner's senility, not withstanding- he would've, 30 years ago!!)
Are my beloved Cardinals threatening Tony LaRussa with dismissal for the squad's current sub-.500 season, it's piss-poor pitching or shabby defense this year?
NO-- (but, I wouldn't mind it if they did)

But the Astros have made great strides in becoming recognized as a National League powerhouse here in the 21st century. This team is one of those that I love to hate, but I would never do without them, like my behated Chicago Cubs. Hell, the Cubs may well present us all with another masochistic, dramatic, sudden, shocking fall from greatness later this fall.
I understand that Steve Bartmann has become a White Sox fan this year... hehehehe

But for the Astros to do this-- this change of horses in the middle of the stream, only to place Gabby Hayes and Slim Pickens into the saddle instead, is just unthinkably stupid. ST

It is my inside-baseball understanding that the first action that General Manager Tal Smith will do, is inquire whether Nolan Ryan and/or Tom Seaver is available to pitch this weekend....
and Kathy, get on the phone, and book the Astrodome for us, for next season too...

Message to Tal Smith: Present to Past-- Present to Past, come in, Past: You need to make everyone in Astros' ownership understand that there is no Roger Clemmons, and no Andy Pettitte anymore-- and Wandy Rodriguez or the aptly named Woody Williams will not carry the pitching to the pinnacle of Baseball's glory, the World Series.

YOU owners are the ones who passed on giving the Rocket and the Big Lefty Cajun acceptable offers to stay pitching for you, not Purpura and not Garner.

It is just sad but amusing to watch, like witnessing a slow-motion train wreck:


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