Thursday, August 30, 2007

ooh yeah, Or some bacon and eggs, or Catfish! Noo, 3 BBQd chops

I'm not feeling one iota better... Crappy, crabby; "short-tempered" is a wild exaggeration of the length of my fuse. Irritable, with an evil look in my eye now since last Friday. I would just as soon kill ya as listen to ya talk....

BE-cause, I am on a doctor-enforced diet, OK? I have ballooned up this summer to 244 lbs, in a season during which I usually drop pounds by the dozens.

There is no way in heaven or hell to make coming home at end of day to a bowl of rice, celery sticks and water sound inviting. Thus, I am Quite Malcontent. Malevolent
Who Asked You anyway!!??

Night before last, I dreamed that I was diving, swimming in a giant bowl of chili beans and cornbread. Yesterday, my dog, Amos, snarled at me when I bent down JUST to sniff his food....
Thank the Lord, I can still eat Okra; only it has to be pickled.
NO Problemo-- bring me out a bushel!

It is the weekend of the Choctaw Nation Festival, through Monday the 3rd. I am going mad, insane, fantasizin' about sampling all the frybread, all the pies I can smell in the air around Tushka Homma. And me with about 25 pounds of sirloins and T-bones in the freezer, too.

But all of this food is OFF limits to me right now. It's Poison. I have to shed about 50 pounds.

Walking the 26 miles to work, then back again is a plan I am contemplating;
That, and eating your arms with some soy sauce. And butter. With a side of potatoes.


Borrego said...

Keep going with those pounds.

The Localmalcontent said...

Thanks, Borrego! It won't be easy and tonight proves it. But may just become easier than today's struggle for me.