Friday, August 31, 2007

A Vision

A Vision.
A Lesson I need to remember about manage ment of my present life: Do It the Right Way the First Time, or Face a Mess Later

I had a vivid vision, a warning given me today: I saw myself as the manager of a Braums Ice Cream store, and it was just before closing time. The store was bustling with customers and with employees eager to finish their work and leave. Pressured by these people, I let them go away early, and I closed up the store alone, only minutes earlier than I was supposed to. The place was a mess, and I still had to count money and do books before I could leave also.

Then I saw four school-busloads of hungry kids stop there, and as they looked inside to see why Braum's had closed early, I ducked down, hiding from and peering at them, as the busses with sad faces in the windows, pulled away. Then a friend (another employee?) came by and made herself alot of burgers, handed me $60.00 in small bills and change and left me alone there, money now falling from my hands everywhere amid the mess.

Then, I saw two diesel semis arrive, with deliveries for the store. Only, one of them had passed the store, and instead came around the corner wildly, At this point, my perspective changed, as I was now outside, away from the store, watching this delivery truck slam sideways into the side of the store, breaking windows, obliterating walls.
From somewhere, I heard someone shout: "he didn't have his load tied down and secured."

Now back inside, I watched the same accident from a crouching position once again. The ceiling buckled and rained down, air conditioning vents and insulation fell on me as the truck crashed through the wall.

And now, there was debris everywhere, money lying just everywhere, and I still even had the $60.00 in my hands. People began to gather both inside and outside surveying the wreckage, as I scrambled around and around to clean it up, gather up the money as fast as I could

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