Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bigfoot am Pleased

lovingly lifted from Yahoo News
BEAVERTON, Ore. - Nike on Tuesday unveiled what it said is the first shoe designed specifically for American Indians, an effort aiming at promoting physical fitness in a population with high obesity rates.

The Beaverton-based company says the Air Native N7 is designed with a larger fit for the distinct foot shape of American Indians, and has a culturally specific look. (Whut?! It's all white) It will be distributed solely to American Indians; tribal wellness programs and tribal schools nationwide will be able to purchase the shoe at wholesale price and then pass it along to individuals, often at no cost.

"Nike is aware of the growing health issues facing Native Americans," said Sam McCracken, manager of Nike's Native American Business program. "We are stepping up our commitment ... to elevate the issue of Native American health and wellness."

I was unaware that Nike, Ltd., had such a business program previously. Then to be "stepping it up..? & this business program's headed by a guy named ' McCracken', clearly an Indian boy."

Nike said it is the first time it has designed a shoe for a specific race or ethnicity. It said all profits from the sale of the shoe will be reinvested in health programs for tribal lands, where problems with obesity, diabetes and related conditions are near epidemic levels in some tribes.

Nike designers and researchers looked at the feet of more than 200 people (393 feet total) from more than 70 tribes nationwide and found that in general, American Indians have a much wider and taller foot than the average shoe accommodates. The average shoe width of men and women measured was three width sizes larger than the standard Nike shoe.

What!? No Moccasins? Hahaha

This is good news, on the surface. I am familiar with several fellow Choctaw who cannot find comfortable shoes, or who are diabetics and need to wear special orthopedic shoes.
I myself, wear a 12 EEE, most comfortably; but usually that transfers to a size 13+ in regular shoes, sneakers, boots. But the words about "at wholesale costs", above, combined with "all profits will go to..." confuses me. If it's wholesale, then are there any profits involved? Tricky, tricky tricky~~!

But the timing of this announcement is in question: In light of the many poor quality, or lead painted toys coming from China, where these sneakers are undoubtedly made, can these shoes be trusted? Could this be a way for Nike to rid themselves of another Chinese screwup? Will wearing these sneakers increase the lead levels in my blood? Did a bunch of 10-year-old slave kids make these boo-boo-shoes?

Then there's the whole Michael Vick/dog fighting thing: It was widely advertised that the latest Michael Vick version of Nikes was to be debuted this summer, but thwarted by his guilty plea to dog fighting charges in Virginia. These shoes are called "N7s". Michael Vick's jersey number was #7. Is Nike, ltd. aware that Indians tend toward cock-fighting? That until very recently, cock-fighting was legal here in Oklahoma? I still see Rooster raising farms throughout my neck of the woods. So do these shoes have the word "Vick" sanded off their hydes? I will stay on this Developing story...

In a similar vein, an honest to goodness poll question found on the great medical site, asks men the following:
What do you worry most about?
1) Bad Breath
2) Body Odor, sweating
3) Stinky Feet
4) Dirty Hair

Who have these people been spying on? I mean, really!! Ya'll stay away from my bedroom windows!
I didn't vote, and I sure wouldn't want to know the results of THAT poll, either!

But there was a time I remember, when pow-wows or cake walks around here held contests for the guy with the 'stinkiest feet'. My dad was a shoe-in, in most of those....


Colb_OSU said...

Man, that is some funny sh*t, don't know if U meant it to be or not. Also cliked into your music list as I read you, man. Good good flavas of music!

Redstater said...

I was LOL, seriously! Good stuff man, keep it rollin'.

"vick" sanded off the side... all-white?, ooohhhmygosh.
shoe-in for the stinky feet contest,
funny funny stuff.
BTW- you KNOW what they say about big hands, big feet,...

see ya soon,