Friday, September 21, 2007

America must say NO to this Monster's Request

cartoon thanks to Cox and Forkum

The (s)elected leader of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to visit Ground Zero, the former site of the World Trade Center, while he is in New York next week. In town to speak, to grovel, to chastise the United Nations Assembly, this turd wants to symbolically lay a wreath at the site of America's greatest terrorism attack.

No doubt, he would lay the wreath only in memory of 19 Islamic extremists who instigated the attack on us all, six years ago. Like a posthumous award or something.

Also quite likely, if he is allowed to somehow do so, Ahmadinejad would use the occasion as a propaganda tool against the United States, once he returns back to Tehran. Doing so, by juxtaposing his image of contrite, solemn "respect" while he is in the heart of Satan, against Iran's arrest and release of American-Iranian educators, as well as the British sailors and marines this spring: Making a contrast of American hatred and hysteria and Iranian benevolence and compassion.

I have to say, this guy IS slick! Not very diplomatic, but slick. Like a snake is slick.

The United States just cannot allow this monster to visit Ground Zero, our terrorist wound. If Ahmadinejad attempts to do so, this bastard needs to be arrested for tresspassing!! Or worse!!
Or for violations of umpteen UN regulations governing the promotion of genocide.

On another website covering this issue, I suggested that in lieu of visiting the site of the former World Trade Center towers in lower Manhattan, that the New York/New Jersey Port Authority suggest that Mr. Ahmadinejad take a walking tour of the Bronx, or the Little Italy neighborhood in Brooklyn, or Queens. Sort of a "meet and greet" tour, only better. A meet and beat! A beat and bleed.

I have to stop now, and go to work.


Redstater said...

I like the "meet and greet and bleed" part... good stuff Malco.

Try and stay away from that goat pizza just before bedtime so that camel scented punk will leave ya' alone.

The Localmalcontent said...

Eeyeah, I wish.
By the same token, perhaps NYC could put some swine in pens around the perimeter of Ground Zero.
As for the goat cheese pizza, now, I thought that was my secret--
how did you know?!

Redstater said...

lol, who said anything about cheese?

"pork fat rules".
Just checkin' in with ya'...don't know if you are a drag racing fan or not, but there was a nasty crash in Dallas today... video at my blog.