Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Castration- I mean, hernia surgery over. Success I guess- and then the Chicago Cubs too

I am home tonight, from a day in recovery/hospitalization from my basic hernia surgery yesterday morning. I am feeling dozey and lightheaded still~~

Simpler than I expected really. A small incision, about 3 inches long, and everything inside is tied up again. And an overnight in the hopsitle for observatrion.
I am on some great painkieeler drugs, which of course I am overdowsing on now, for the fuun of it.
got home tonight at 8:00 pm, thanks to a friend who lives in Sand Springs, OK,. He and his wife both droive me home, and my truck; as a result, I am home safe and suond, and grateful.

I cannot work again till Saturday, but it is MOnday thanks to my schedule. Maybe I'll write a blog explaining the whole thing, blood, guts, intestines and all. Lucky you!

I have a bloggie saved to print out, in the event I die or feel like I died, so here it is-- one of the two condidtions I said, applies now.

That and I am just high still on drigs just now. ERnjowy the preposted blog I made.;. Bellow *********************
I would like to ask each reader to please click on my Music play list [right], and hear a musical word from me, while you read this post, please. Music that is from my Okie Heart, to you all. OK? Thanks! Each song is chosen carefully to reflect me, your Localmalcontent, to you.

It is now time for me, your Localmalcontent, to once again place my curse on my beloved Chicago Cubs.

For a change, this year, the Cubs need a curse, too~! They have been playing great- lights out baseball-, for the first 5 months of this year. But it is time now, to reengage their curse, curses, and make them falter. Again. Just like they're used to.

Therefore, may the everlasting shadows of the 1969 black cat, the 1945 goat, and the 2003 Bartman-blessing again fall upon you, great loyal fans of the Troubled Northsiders!

What will it "IT" be this year, that keeps your team out of the World Series, yet again? A Bartman? A cat or a goat? Something innocent happening, like a bird getting hit by a fly ball, by a batter of your NCLS opposing tem, then going for a decisive, game winning hit? Or the opposite, maybe...?

This year, let's make it special, OK?
And something stranger than fiction, that will allow all you Cubbie fans to bask in the glory of portable, electric glory lighting.... It would be proper to conject that Muslim extremists might just be involved, without taking the matter to an extreme; maybe a Muslim running onto the field and whacking Carlos Zambrano in his left knee; or a sudden, badly timed gust of wind taking Dodgers catcher Russell Martin's simple fly ball to right, and pushing it out of the park for a grand slam in the top of the 9th.... or another crazed fan interferring with a catch, or a line drive, or the lights going out or whatever???
It may come simply in the form of another team beating you outright, in the last month of the season. The Cards come to mind, maybe the Brewers. Probably the Cardinals, though.

The fun is in guessing how and when. And also as everyone knows, I love the Cubs. Just not as much as my Cardinals. I love the Chicago Cubs for the fact that they are the buffoons, the whipping boys of Major League Baseball. As of 2004, and the Boston Red Sox's winning the World Series, now Chicago is the cellar dweller of teams who have any history at all. But the Cubs are now the "Bad Luck Team" in the major leagues. "Are you a Cubs fan? Ohhh, I'm so sorry..."

Any broken mirrors there in the Cubs lockerroom? How about untied shoelaces? An umbrella indoors in the Cubs dressingroom? It don't take much.....
So just prepare yourselves, Cubs fans. Another curse verse is upon you. Cause I said so. And history backs me up.... to the tune of 101 to 2.

Of course, when Ronald Reagan threw out this 'first pitch' that
was good. That made me respect your team. He threw a sinker, for a strike, as I recall.... exlemplative of his Presidency.

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