Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Darling of the Democrats So Far

U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut questioned on Friday the electability of Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton, saying she sports a confrontational brand of politics that turns off voters. (It is rumored that she "sports" more than that...) While Clinton, a senator from New York and wife of the former president, can probably win the general election, Dodd said, "I think people want to move on. The melodrama and all, we need to get this behind us."

Here, I am genuinely astonished that American Democrat voters would even consider this woman to be their candidate. Because by doing so, these otherwise fine Americans are saying "Yeah, she has no experience, she has no good economic ideas, she has no firm stand on the war in Iraq, but hey!- we loved her husband, Billy, so we love her too!"

So despite poll after poll telling America that Senator Shrillary Clinton has at least a solid 44% Disapproval Rating among all voters, AND, that she is the femme version of "Slick Willy", being unable to hold any one position on any topic, that she Will Give no concrete answer on any topic, that she adjusts her voice and her speech to pander to any given audience (She has a southern drawl when speaking in the South, she has a Brooklyn accent when speaking to New Yorkers, she speaks Valley Girl in California, she's a life long Cubs fan, she's a life long Yankees fan, she is a life long Colorado Rockies fan ?!), and oh Lordy, that cackle of hers!

More than any thing else, Shrillary's popularity and her questionable lead among the Democratic Candidates proves that the Democrats are intellectually bankrupt again this election year. And she often speaks of "her experience". What experience? That 8 years of being a First, mostly Lady? What the hell experience does that lend to her? Do we need a jilted wife, or a vindictive woman to be our leader? Do the Democrats really want to have this woman with her smarmy, panderous background as their presidential candidate, a woman whose only claim to fame, whose only claim to wisdom or to power, is her marriage to him?

All this is, in my honest opinion, is hers and Bill's serious attempt at being only a very unique answer to an American trivia question: "what couple was the only one in all of recorded history to both lead a world power??" That trivia question, plus the other one: "What American President took down the nation into Socialism?"

I have felt alot of different emotions toward Democrats throughtout my short adult, political life; but this feeling of pity and embarrassment for them is a new one.

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