Sunday, September 23, 2007

Herreee's "Jerry"! Quiet, unpretentious Jerry

Tropical depression Jerry never became the storm it was hoped to become by weather 'experts'.

About 5 days ago, local weather forecasters promised that this tropical wave, maybe a (GASP) hurricane, would arrive here in Southeast Oklahoma by Sunday night, and through Tuesday, bringing rain. Lots of rain.
All 'Jerry' has done is bring much needed rain to southern Alabama, and the Florida panhandle.

With his predicted arrival here in Oklahoma last week, everyone relied on his bringing loads of rain, upwards of 2 inches rain. Jerry with all this rain, my truck's windshield is wet, barely.... that's about all.

NOPE. This tiny storm and it's widely dispearsed rain showers, while widely hearalded by Global Warming fearmongers/weather forecasters everywhere, has brought two, TWO, (2) little rain showers, about 5 minutes long each, to my parched garden, to my needy pear trees.

And on the first day of Autumn, in the northern hemisphere to boot!
By the way, happy autumn everyone! My next-to-favorite season here; next one up, IS my favorite season!!

Has anyone else noticed that the United States has now had two years in a row, of very quiet, minimal tropical storms/hurricanes? Can anyone tell me again, how global warming is about to kill us all, citing an increase in killer hurricanes?
From an Indian point of view only, here is what I know about 'Mother Earth's' willingness to support us:

A mother cares most about her offspring. A mother allows her children to make choices which may, MAY be detrimental to their well being. But a mother, even a mother Earth will not allow her nature to kill off her offspring, her prodigy. No mother would.

All the wise elders I know within the Choctaw disagree with this viewpoint that Earth is dying. While they do urge me, and others, to respect our ground, our mother Earth always, and in all things, they never do admit that mother earth is so weakened, so battered, that her children cannot survive.

Mother Earth does love, does care for us all. Ask yourself whether your own mother would allow you to be on a trend which would lead to your destruction....So how much more does our mother Earth love us, us all?

I'm going out soon to bar-b-que hamburgers. yeah, in the spotty rain. You are invited to come by, and eat!
Don't worry about mother earth; for again, she has a love for us, her kiddies,
that only a loving mother could imagine.


Redstater said...

I like my burger rare and my hurricanes whimpy!

The Localmalcontent said...

Ohh, same here!

You made me hungry again, Red, just by saying that!