Friday, September 7, 2007

Nifong serves 1-day Sentence; Yet the best is yet to come

Ah, Satisfaction! Seeing a creep going to jail!

This photo, and this story today is the next-to-final justification in the Duke Lacrosse rape trial, witch hunt.

And while it is only for 24 hours in the slammer for Mike Nifong, he can rest easy in there, knowing that the worst is still yet to come for him.

The families of the three young men who were falsly accused of rape are prepared to slap Nifong with a mega big lawsuit, along with the city of Durham, North Carolina, and Duke University.
And never being one who says "I told you so", just one of millions nationwide who saw the pure injustice and arrogance of this man, his office toward those boys last year, I submit this January 2007 bloggie, as proof:Dumber than Barney Fife

I hope that this is the LAST time this kind of thing happens in our United States; where egotistical, campaign-oriented individuals will use a case to further their own personal goals, rather than pursue justice-- no matter how hard it is to discern, no matter how difficult justice is to achieve, and no matter at who's cost or at who's reputation.

Mike Nifong, washed-up lawyer, prosecuter, human being.

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