Friday, September 28, 2007

Oklahoma's Anti- Illegal Immigration Law will be Challenged

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - An Oklahoma law designed to crack down on illegal immigration will soon be challenged in a federal lawsuit. Hispanic leaders promised Friday that the suit could come within days, and would question the constitutionality of House Bill 1804, which goes into effect Nov. 1.

The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders also said they will consider asking a federal judge for an injunction to stop implementation of the bill.

The bill creates barriers for undocumented immigrants to receive public benefits and jobs and is considered one of the toughest laws in the nation. The bill also makes it illegal to transport or harbor illegal immigrants, making violations a felony punishable by a minimum of one year in prison or a $1,000 fine.

Is this what I think it is, a lawsuit in Federal Court to prevent the administration of a law meant to enforce the law against illegal immigration, trespass, and the illegal receipt of State or Federal benefits?

Benefits like taxpayer funded welfare payments, health care, food stamps, and edging out a real American worker for a job? Oklahomans demanded this bill, pressed hard for this bill, advocated hard for this bill's signing by our governor, and we got our law. And Oklahoma led the nation in standing up for our citizens, against the numbers of illegal immigrants flooding northward from Mexico, in composing a legislative bill that has the very sharp teeth to stem, to stop the overwhelming numbers of non-voting illegals.

I am just one of many many Oklahomans who was vocally active earlier on in conversations with our elected representatives and Senators, in total support of a bill like this.

Now, there is threat of a lawsuit to declare our bill unconstitutional, and/or to postpone its implemtation on November 1, 2007. Now, I personally and objectively, cannot see how this lawsuit can be sustained; because at its core, this new law only requires that previously enacted laws, both state and federal laws, be enforced.

I'll bet you this: Simply by entering this civil lawsuit against Oklahoma, the law will be delayed in its implemtation. Then the plaintiffs will drag their feet, delay, delay, delay the suit from coming to trial until the will of Oklahomans become softer to the issue, until each Oklahoman gets to know an illegal Mexican personally, and until some Oklahoman contacts the presiding judge in the case, to register their emotional, indulgent views.

Or delayed until our spendid, national elected Congressional Representatives and Senators fashion, and get passed, an Amnesty Bill, and is signed by a newly elected Democratic President.
Oklahomans today must need to stay vocal, and to stay determined to stop this imperceptably growing, illegal invasion of Mexicans, into our state!

Because your Localmalcontent sees the worst case scenerio becoming reality, maybe otherwise: The tiny minority of victim/illegals in each state, then nationally, will whine and wimper and complain, to an end which gives them the recognition they demand.

And friends, when that happens, the intrinsic value of your own citizenship, your own American individuality, your own American identity will have been devalued. Will have become trivialized. And it may not be as important to you, now, as it may be to your American children, to your American grandkids.


And on that topic, regarding the landowners along the United States border with Mexico, who object to a fence or a wall being built, then screw them! Build the wall, the fence everywhere else, but their property.... And let them landowners begin to deal exclusively, with the flood of immigrants trespassing over their property.

See how long that situation lasts!

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