Sunday, September 2, 2007

Paying for all the good times now

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It has been a fun week for me, despite my withdrawal pangs from food, and feeling weak and crabby as a result. If it applies, as it does to Dr. Benjamin, I'm sorry 'bout being a Butt.

What with the Choctaw Nation festival very nearby me, since Thursday, and a big Oklahoma Sooner win against North Texas University on Saturday (79-10!); the Cardinals sweep the Cincinnati Reds today, only 1 game out now, and a monster giveaway at the Casino tomorrow, Labor Day!
Life, as defined by sports, is sublime to an Okie these days!

No, we are NOT giving away a Monster tomorrow.
********** ************

But the fun ends there for me.

On Tuesday, I am scheduled for (yet another) surgery in Tulsa, friends, this time to repair a torn ab muscle. Yeah, hernia surgery. Yipp, yipp.

For about 5 or 6 weeks now, I've been feeling this, a strange, uncomfortable sensation in my lower gut-- it's not painful, anything like that-- but it is disturbing and queasy- I can feel my intestines slipping in and out- needing to be 'sucked' back inside where they belong. And it is likely caused by my heaviness (I've gained 57 pounds in a year's time!), performing strenuous grass dancing with my friends at the Red Earth Festival in OKC back around June 1, and my sedentary job for the most part.

I am only about 12-15% worried about my surgery, its after-affects and all. Heck, I am sure that my imposed diet will be easier to achieve when this is over; I am just concerned that I am getting old, finally. And these life changes are harbinger of the dreaded 'Middle age'.

Crap--! Only 38, and I have had now two surgeries in one years' time. Course, the first one in February was unexpected and had nothing to do with age, but STILL! I've been in clinics and hospitals this year, 2007, already, more than I've been in hospitals, combined, in my first 37.

Everything will be covered in my absence; I mean, my neighbor Dave will be feeding Amos, my dog and my chickens for me; my job with the tribe is secure (despite this making some 7 weeks off work this year already); and my yard is mowed down. My surgery is paid for by taxpayers, so Thank You for that, too! (IHS)

Still, this has me concerned. The 'great unknown' I suppose.

Part of it is just not having any family to see me through this. This aspect makes me both look ahead and look back, at choices made, and soon, more boundaries.

Certainly my surgeon, my personal doctor, and my uncle, Dr. B. Localmalcontent all may advise me in the future, regarding harmful activities; and yet I tend to stress on things like this, as many know already. Can I play softball still, or should I call up the Cardinals and disappoint them, telling them I can't ever be a part of their team, replacing Albert Pujols or Scott Rolen?
In My Wildest, wildest... huh? LOL

Should I ever marry, what do I say to her?!?

Will I still be able to carry firewood into the house, or even cut and stack wood?

Questions. No answers.


Yeah, it's Officially Fall in Oklahoma now.

I drove to Norman yesterday morning early and attended the OU blowout of NTU there. I just had a blast, again seeing my fellow alums, seated nearby.

Your Localmalcontent has watched OU football since from my baby crib, but I have to say, that Sooner QB Sam Bradford looked for all the world yesterday, looked like the Packers' Brett Favre! During Favre's prime that is. This ole boy is gifted!! And therefore, so is OU.

I was disappointed that Patrick didn't play any, at running back, initially.

But wow, his replacement, freshman DeMarco Murray sure made up for his absence!

Five (5) touchdowns in his first start! And yesterday was some celebration on campus of Billy Sims legacy there. By halftime, we were all joking "Billy Sims Who?" haha

Murry shows a little speed and a little dazzle running, but to me, the jury is still out on whether he is destined to be the next OU superstar back.

**With about 4 minutes left in the first half of yesterday's game, I thought to myself, "screw the St. Louis Cardinals...", because NOW, it's football season!

Don't know where I will be next Saturday when the Univ. of Miami, hated-non conference-enemy of Oklahoma, comes to town. I seriously doubt I will make the game. Very weird and strange to suddenly believe that something else is more important than Sooner football in the fall, round here. And then beginning September 15, I go on a Saturday PM work schedule for three weeks at the casino. ~~Makeups can be a bitch~~But I'm sooo grateful~~


And speaking of my Dancing debut this year at Red Earth- I had a friend take some pictures of me, Marty and our group, and I had them on my (last) computer memory. That is, until this fine Gateway 'E Machine' product, from Wal-Mart gave up the ghost back in July.

With its vacation/repair job in Oakland, CA for a month, I lost all memory stored therein. Those pictures are gone forever, except for the one that I sent to Abouna, Father Gregori, , in New York.

But therein lies YET another embarrassing problem: He and I had a silly falling out, over zero, nothing, and I am ashamed to go back and ask him to please send me that one pic that he has.

Taken on a digital camera, then downloaded into that, my new/old computer, I now have zilch memories of my one and only grass dance competition. I was so proud to dance; hell, even to have been asked to be part of friend Marty's group~

And while Marty's wife Jenna has photos, none are of me close up. She's no dummy! haha


And so, here we are, at the end of all things 'presently Localmalcontent':
I will be away from the Internet for awhile, and don't know when I will be back.

I will ask all you Kind Readers this however: Please say a prayer to G*D for me, recovery.

Please remember with sadness and resolve, the tragic anniversary to come next Tuesday, September 11th.

Remember WHY we are in a war today. And what it would mean to America, if we should lose this war. I would suggest that you go to Youtube-dot-com and seek out video of that fateful day, to remind yourself once again, just how you felt back on that awful Tuesday morning, 6 years ago. The struggle goes on for your beloved ways of life, dear ones; Never Ever Forget that.

Lastly, take just a moment to step up and say "Thank You for your Service to Our Nation", to any armed services member that you know, or come across.
It is because of these valiant and brave ones, willing to sacrifice their lives for you, that you rest easy right now.

Pat them on the back; Invite them out to dinner!; whatever, they earned it!

Adios, amigos. Para un semana, muy. Gracias por de floras, tuy.

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