Monday, September 17, 2007

Ron Paul campaign song is an INSULT to us all

I just have to add one important thing to my most previous post, "Frank Sinatra rises from the dead, to sing "New Dork, New Dork", below:

This angers me more each time I hear it.

To think that this Texas Representative uses as a campaign plank, an immediate end to America's War on Terrorism, which of course for us, began with a terrorist attack on a NEW YORK SITE, the World Trade Center buildings,
and then uses a campaign song, sung to the tune of "New York, New York" is very near the living end!!

I termed it there, then as 'the bottom of the barrel'; but it is just seamy, it is vulgar.

And honestly, if it takes a nationwide Democratic uprising to condemn this guy, for this abuse of this song, then count on the Localmalcontent to stand with them, in support of that condemnation.

Such stupidity, such insensitivity about the American wound we endured back on September 11, 2001, is an outrage.

Here is my "take" on this stuff:

I live in Oklahoma, always have. But on that day of infamy, 11 September, 2001, we were all New Yorkers; we were all citizens of Shanksville, Pa. We were all attacked when the Pentagon was hit with a jet full of innocent passengers.

That was MY New York; it was your New York, which was attacked, and it was our fellow Americans who were murdered. Realizing this makes it my war on terror.

This is reminiscent of Mike Nifong's useage of the Rape allegations of 3 Duke Lacrosse players, to achieve re-election as District Attorney. And we all know how that turned out. Let's all make Ron Paul a national embarrassment, as well!!


Redstater said...

Amen brother.

Redstater said...

watch out for the coming onslaught of ron-bots, I got your back though.

The libs think they can use him as this years ross perot aginst republicans... but as usual it will blow-up in their faces.

In fact I think I remember seeing Ronpaul on an episode of the Roadrunner cartoons a long time ago.