Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This WILL NOT become a Habit

Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- O.J. Simpson, the former football star jailed on robbery and kidnapping charges, will post $125,000 bail and plead not guilty, his lawyer said today in Las Vegas.

A Clark County judge set the bail and ordered Simpson, 60, to surrender his passport and avoid any contact with witnesses, accusers or co-defendants in the criminal case.

"He is not a flight risk and he is not a danger to the community,'' Simpson's attorney, Yale Galanter, a Pete Rose look-alike, lied in a televised press conference. Galanter said Simpson will probably return to his home in Florida within a few days. "He will be walking all the way back to his home in Miami, cause now, he's as broke as a joke."

"Not a danger to the community?" HAHAHA Just ask the citizens of Brentwood, CA.!

His personal CPA, Chester "Bubbles" Drifterfield, above, added: "That is correct- O.J. is completely penniless. We are all working for him pro bono, hoping that he won't kill us while in a bloody rage. But hey, it sure makes my work easier!"

The whole gang of personalities are back together for the 13th annual reunion of the O.J. Simpson 'Trial of the Century', with the exception of Johnny Cochran, promenient dead guy. The resurgence of players Kato Kaelin, Marcia Clark, Chris Dodson, Mark Fuhrman, Greg Jared, Geraldo Rivera, F. Lee Bailey and L.A. detective Tom van Adder have all reunited to once again reprise their roles from that nostalgic era.
These bit players are accompanied by newer ones too; O. J. has a new blonde girlfriend, representing the ghost of Nicole Brown-Simpson, and a guy named "Riccio", representing former O. J. friend and White Bronco driver, Al Cowlings.
On a similar story, former band members of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at least, are reuniting to perform a benefit concert in Great Britain. I imagine that O. J. will be on the drums, replacing late drummer, John Bonham.
What is the matter with the Chicago Cubs?? The team is late in disappointing their loyal fans this year.
What if they win the National League Central division? Who will step up to dash their hopes this time?
>>The St. Louis Cardinals have officially been pronounced "dead" now... their elimination number is 4, as of this writing. (any combination of Cubs wins, Cardinals losses totalling 4 ....)
Had a post surgical Doctor appointment yesterday. I got the stitches removed from my nether-region-surgery yesterday. Hooray! And so far, everythings' staying in place.
Thank you, everyone for your prayers!
Seems that the Iranian attempt to destroy Israel will be around October 12, "Quds Day". That corresponds completely with the American plan to destroy Iran, on "Colombus Day".
Finally, speaking of Israel: My strongest congratulations on your surreptitious, unheralded attack upon Syrian nuclear sites, by the awesome Israeli Air Force!! G*D Bless You Israel!

I was informed last weekend of the death, this year, of British comedian John Inman, who is most famous for his character "Mr. Humphries", on the BritCom "Are You Being Served?". This news made me very sad, because Mr. Inman, along with the rest of the staff of Grace Brothers Department Store made me laugh so much once I discovered them and their humor.

I made a 'backhanded' insult to John Inman last week, in a post about an English wife trying to end her celebacy with 14 different dates, and added a reference to Mr. Inman's orientation there.

I did not know that he had died this year, March 9th.

I really like "Are You Being Served?" quite a bit-- usually laughing my butt off watching their antics.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Inman. YOU'RE FREE....

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