Sunday, September 9, 2007

Where Were You, Six Years Ago Tuesday? I'm Sure You Remember, Maybe

Six years ago Tuesday morning, at about 8 am, I was asleep with the radio next to me 'on' all night. I remember hearing the morning news DJ saying that they now joined ABC television's coverage... of something. Something Big. Something very bad.

I jumped outta bed, ran to the den and like everyone else in America, and watched in disbelief and horror at the attacks. By the end of that day, I'd see gasoline prices at the pumps jump by a dollar or more per gallon, and read memos from my BIG boss about bomb threats and terrorism, and how to conduct patrons out of the building, if there was more trouble. The whole day after the moment I awoke was surreal, was new territory for me, for all of us really.

Like an unpleasant dream.
I wish that it had been a dream only. I have wished for that often, honestly.
Instead, it was a nightmare that I and 375 millions of my fellow Americans shared together that bad day.

In six years time, there have been no large scale terrorist threats on American soil, thanks to that "imbecile" Bush, the one who used the Supreme Court to gain his office, according to every rabid Democrat around. That is not to say that there haven't been smaller terrorist attacks since then-- a Muslim is killed after attacking, killing two at the Israeli airlines' El Al desk at Los Angeles' International Airport; a crazed Muslim runs over and injures 19 in North Carolina; another Muslim attacks a Jewish center in Seattle, and even here in Oklahoma, a misguided Muslim sympathiser kills himself outside an OU- Kansas State football game, after he is denied entry to the stadium, bombs strapped to his body.

Mark Steyn has written a comprehensive article covering this here: National Review Online
There, Steyn also makes the inarguable point that Mr. Bush himself is in a no-win situation: By listening in on overseas phone calls made to certain 'terrorist' nations, he is bedamned for civil rights infringements. But by doing so, we have been terrorism-free in all that time. Liberals howl at every thing this country does, in the prevention of terrorism, excluding the border security issue; and give the administration NO credit for this accomplishment. But if there had been a deadly terrorist act on our soil, the Liberals also would be first to condemn the Administration for not doing enough.

When terrorists do attack Americans again, on American soil, the hue and cry of Liberals everywhere will be "George Bush, why did you not close up the porous southern border??" They enjoy the pompousness of being Monday morning quarterbacks, knowing exactly what to do, AFTER THE FACT.

My favorite coffee cup has a "The Far Side" cartoon on it-- showing the Devil prodding some fat guy with his pitchfork, in front of two doors: one door says "Damned if you do", and the other, "Damned if you don't". The Devil is saying to the fat guy, "C'mon, c'mon, it's either one or the other.."

That's the diabolical predicament George Bush and Homeland Security faces each day. Democrat politicians rage and fume against all measures taken to prevent terrorism here, but if the USA fails once, ONLY ONCE, then they also rage and fume because the threat was missed.

For that one aspect of their collective character alone, I dislike Democrats.

Let's not even go to unions, teachers, or higher taxes. Not while I am dieting (down 8 pounds, by the way), I'd eat you alive with my rage.


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