Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Amnesty, a.k.a. the Dream Amendment, Dies Again

Only a precious few minutes to get this post out, but here is the link to's article, including the individual Senate votes. How did your Senator vote? Look and see. --Notable among the Yeas is former Conservative, Kansas senator Sam Brownback, still stinging from the rejection of his presidential ambition; Senator K. B. Hutchinson, R-Tx, and Senator T. Lott, R-MS. Also please note the 4 non-voting Senators: Each and all, Very revealing.

Both of Oklahomas Senators voted against the Dream Amendment, sponsored by (the) Illinois Dick Durbin, sore loser again. But there are some surprises to be found within the voting, like W.V. senator Byrd voting for defeat! Old weasel must've bought hearing aide batteries at last.

So what is this, like the third time since May 2007 that this attempt to abuse the American people has been tried? And it keeps getting fewer and fewer votes each time.

Not saying that I myself would, but I'd endorse a cream pie in the face of every senator who voted Yea on this criminal action. New York senator Clitnon so seldom visits Oklahoma...


One Southern Belle said...

Both my 'Bama boys voted the measure down. However, from my adopted home state of Utah, both Bennett and Hatch (foolishly) approved the measure. may be time to begin mobilization of some hard-core Utah conservatives who don't appreciate the GOP being bastardized. Thanks for the update!

The Localmalcontent said...

Yeah, I saw that, and was glad.
Some startling names on that 'yea' list, indeed.

Abouna said...

That would be a total waste of some good cream pies. I would just urge voters not to re-elect those idiots who seem to feel that the "rights" of illegals are more important then listening to the American citizens who elected them.

The Localmalcontent said...

Abouna, they could be (shaving)cream pies, though;
fruit filling is too good for them.