Thursday, October 18, 2007

Birth control for Your 12 year old little girl? It's None of Your Business!

[ This post is the result of a dream I had last night. No, I wasn't either the rapist nor the victim. I was instead an outraged person, even in the subconscious softness of my dreams. ]

Something in me causes me to be absolutely disgusted at the decision of a Maine Middle School board, to permit the distribution of birth control pills to their student body. Girls between the ages of 11 and 14. Girls of this age who are sexually active. Already.

Children as young as 11 will have access to the birth control pill and patch without parental notification, under new rules passed Wednesday by the Portland, Maine school board. This abomination is

Isn't the act of any sexual contact with a person under the age of 18 already a crime? Isn't that RAPE, or Child abuse, or something, already in Maine? Statutory rape in most states involves a person (lately boys, too) under the age of majority, having an intimate relationship. It is defined that way here in Oklahoma. But what does this decision, made by a local school board, actually mean? To me, this school board is encouraging under-age sex with this decision. Tempting them to do so, by making the ultimate result of sexual contact risk-free.

For if I supply beer, or other alcoholic beverage to a minor, I have committed to 'The delinquency of a minor'. Or if I have a 14 year old girlfriend, I've committed statutory rape, if we have sex.

But if I supply birth control tablets to a young lady under the age of 18, am I not overtly condoning, if not encouraging, the sexual activity which would otherwise be unlawful? So how much more abysmal is the doling out of birth control pills to a young teen girl, or pre teen girl, by an elected board of "education"?

These board members need to be held culpable, and held responsible, and even horse whipped!

Why do we as a society condemn anyone who has 'Child Porno' on their computer, if part of our society gives children birth control pills in Maine, at the Junior High School?? And these SOBs on the school board believe they've done the right thing, in light of 5 teen-aged pregnancies in the last year.

And they want Sex Education to begin with Kindergartners in California, replete with information on gay sex, or transsexual identity, and the whole bunch of Pandora's boxes that opens up.

So, friends, I am a member of your Local School Board, and I just voted to allow the school nurse to give YOUR 12 year old daughter birth control pills, so that she won't have to experience the burden of the consequences of sexual behavior. And neither I, nor the school nurse at your daughter's middle school have to tell you about it! Tough luck, mom and dad! Meaning, at least to me, that your God-given right and responsibility to raise up your child in the way that you think Right, can be undermined by my decision. Your daughter needs birth control pills, because we know best, better than you. And, we will introduce your sons and daughters to the wonders of guilt-less, irresponsible sexual activity, and all the other vices which it encourages.

After all, We the school board, have decided that it is absolutely none of you parents' business!

This bothered me so much, that I even dreamed about it. Yeah, it was a nightmare.


Redstater said...

another outstanding post mal...
(BTW would you like me to delete your comment on the blog award post to remain anonymous on your excellent write-in candidate?)

The Localmalcontent said...

No, don't delete it. Dr. Benjamin knows how much I disagree with his narrow views, don't you Dr. Benjamin?

Redstater said...

I went to his blog (also the others) and posted a comment letting him know that he had been nominated as a write-in candidate for a "blogging award".

Several of the others ran over and voted for themselves, thinking that if I (evil conservative) awarded them the worst blog...hey that must be a good thing.
(hint you can vote once a day)
I know one thing... it sure is fun.
BTW- Rush's letter...$851,100.00

Redstater said...

sorry mal, I was wrong about that last Rush letter bid... it wasn't 851,000.00... it's $2,000,200.00 before Rush's matching donation.
Holy crap.

The Localmalcontent said...

I got those two Red comments bassackwards, oops.
Yeah, I just saw that on Drudge, and I am so proud of Rush, for doing this!

Abouna said...

Despite our difference, I still pop over every once in awhile to see what is up, and I have to say that I feel like wise concerning the decision of that school districts decision. The Federal Government is deliberately and methodically taking away parents rights over their children, and the federal government is doing it one school district at a time. The sad thing is that the parents of this country don't seem to have the courage to stand up and say "Enough is Enough, we are the parents, NOT the State".

Redstater said...

Parents need to pull their kids out of that school to the point the school has no funding.
(funding is based on attendance)
An empty building would send a clear signal.

The Localmalcontent said...

Nice to have you, Abouna. How's Munchkin?

While I see your point in the distance, eventually, and especially if the government is soon taken over by bleeding heart Liberals, I think this Portland, Me. decision is a local disaster, made by local bedwetters, to address the 5 pregnancies in the past year. This whack decision only serves to tempt other young teens to experiment sexually, telling them the school is more a trusted confidant than mom and dad.
In that, I do see a continuing reliance on organizations and by extension government, as a safety net in these kids' futures.

Take care Abouna, come back as often as you like.

onesouthernbelle said...

Yes, yes, to all.

I agree wholeheartedly about the inappropriateness of the school district regarding the BC pills. It's wrong for a multitude of reasons:

1) Most kids can't even take aspirin, IBU, etc. to school, and asthmatics need special permission to take inhalers due to zero tolerance laws. Why should birth control pills be exempt? Is the school district, in adopting this policy, prioritizing female reproductive health over pain management? Does this qualify as discriminatory behavior toward those with headaches, and should it be treated as a hate crime--a sin of omission? (Remember, the best was to demonstrate absurdity, is with absurdity!)
2) Doesn't this introduce an unnecessary liability to the school, the district, and the personnel? What about the side effects and potential for adverse reaction in connection with the medication? So what's next? The school district gets sued because some teen girl commits suicide due to her severe onset of depression due to hormone fluctuation--thus taxpayers are left holding the fiscal bag for both the meds AND the court costs, fines, fees, awards, etc.? Ridiculous!
3) Perhaps no one else will agree with me (it wouldn't be the first time) BUT I hate, I mean HATE the argument that giving a young girl birth control is better than letting her ruin her life with a pregnancy. What a load of crap, my friends! A teen pregnancy is merely a symptom of a life already in ruin to some degree. When young girls (and boys) choose to be promiscuous, choose to engage in physical behaviors that were intended to signify emotional commitment, when in fact they have made no such commitment, then serious damage has already been done. Those who offer up this foolish argument are likely the same folks insisting that guns kill people. I reject both notions on the same basis--at the heart of both maladies lies something called individual choice, behavior, and consequence. Period. The intervention needs to take place BEFORE kids consider promiscuity.
4) So, if the school nurse, acting as an agent of the State, writes an Rx for a teen girl, and is thus aware statutory rape has been committed, does that make the nurse an accessory to the crime and, by extension, is the State held liable for that? No AG worth his salt would try to defend this.
5) This, my friends, is just ONE MORE REASON to support education vouchers. It's not enough to pull your kids out of school; you must also pull your funding and demand that it go to a school of your choice.

Abouna said...

Munchkin is doing well. Apparently her vet was wrong when he said her liver was too far gone to regenerate. During the past month, she has regained all of the weight she lost, she is eating again like it is going out of style and she is a lot more active then I have seen her in a long time, so I have hopes that she will be around for a long time.

The Localmalcontent said...

Belle, as usual, you make two awfully important points: the fact that in most schools, kids cannot bring or take prescribed meds, or aspirin. Incredible!
And two, the very real possibility of dangers of pre-partum depression, or an overload of hormones, then who is responsible and who SHOULD BE SUED?

Abouna, glad to hear that Munchkin is doing well- amazing what prayer can accomplish, no?

Redstater said...

One of the nominees for my "worst blogger of the Year" award (10,000 fists)(lol) just posted his "case" for supporting this insanity.

His big reason?
The classic leftist line...
"there doing it anyway".

So I suggested we offer beer and cigarettes to middle schoolers to encourage them not to drink and smoke... cause' hey, their doing it anyway.