Monday, October 29, 2007

"GOOD LUCK, CHERYL" Post observation

To my Dear, and Reverent Choctaw Leaders in Durant:

Let us agree on this right now, right up front, OK? You are clearly curious about what I am writing, blogging here, about you.

Otherwise, you would not be coming to The Local Malcontent bloggie:

A member in Good Standing among 'Oklahoma Bloggers', so often as you have been, to see what I, THE Local Malcontent, have to say about you.

Right, or Wrong?

In my bloggies' header (the space above each post, where the Title is), it asks you, and anyone, to "please leave a comment, if you happen to come through and play with me?" So far, you leaders in Durant have not... for whatever reason you feel. Since you have left no comments, either supportive or dissenting, I'll continue on blogging.

I am The Local (Choctaw) Malcontent!

So far, you have come by here to read what I have written from my Choctaw heart about Indian Health Service issues that I have, under the post title of " Good Luck Cheryl . Since early this morning, I have acknowledged your curiosities there, with an UPDATE by me in brackets. So far, a total of six visits, Today. Oct. 29th.

Thus far.

But I have to ask you: "why come here, to see what a lowly citizen of the tribe has to say?" ASIDE FROM THE FACT THAT I AM ONE OF YOUR EMPLOYEES... and you may foresee a reason to dismiss me, for my opinions?

That would be unfortunate for me in the short term, but in the long term, for you. I would urge you to merely ignore me, at worst. Pass it off as "A Local Malcontent", within your Rolls. I'll even tolerate being "Just Another" local malcontent. Jus' for you, Chief.
And at best, you, in Durant, will never acknowledge me, or my intelligence, or my wisdom.

We- that is, y'all and me, - don't have that much differences, honestly; But I resent the fact that you look in on me, making me feel watched for what I may say, here.

Tell me, please, is that a true sign of my Freedom of Speech? My freedom of dissention? Of Expression?

To the rest of you, my friends, from my occasional to my regular readers whom I cherish, I have never lied to you here; this is my only anonymous outlet to say what I feel, what I know, what I have been told.

And "The Local Malcontent" bloggie site has, is, and will always be, strictly my opinions, my feelings, and my beliefs!!
I am not disappointed in the leadership of the Choctaw Nation, Durant, Oklahoma. Never have been. But the recent instances where they OBVIOUSLY are checking in on what I have to say, about them, reminds me of a George Orwellian government, exemplified in his bestseller, "1984".

I hope that I have said enough, demonstrated enough to you folks there in the Choctaw National Headquarters in Durant, to keep your interest, to keep you reading this blog long enough, for my SiteMeter widget to collect all your computer's information for my later review.

Thank you again, SiteMeter!! It is down, down down at the bottom of the RIGHT side of my blog.

Do ya See it Now??

I'm watchin you, watchin me! "TOTAL CHOCTAW, TOTAL AMERICAN!" ain't just a phrase.

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"Let's Play Ball!~"


Red S Tater said...

I posted a piece that concerns you... better let me know asap if you want me to take it down or have any corrections etc.

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