Sunday, October 14, 2007

"I Just Love That Story-- Heh Heh "

Ohhh. My. Sweet. Lord!

Great, great news today@ Just the best news ! I can hardly type!~ aalmost

Warner Brothers Movie Studios announces that they will re - release, next Summer, 2008,
the funniest movie ever!!

I! weeep! with! joy! at the news!~ I am so excited!, to once again go back into a theatre, and watch the world's funniest flick ever, and my most favorite movie:


I know! I know@! I almost peewee'd my pants on the way home from Norman last night, when I heard the great news on the radio! Those of you, of us, who have seen Pee Wee's Big Adventure before (400 times in my case) are overjoyed.
For those of you who have not seen this funny, funny film, well, you just don't know.

I urge you, in my strongest language possible, to go out and rent this video, this DVD, whatever, and--
if you do not laugh your butts off, then there's something wrong with you, call Dr. Combs.

Instead, you will be treated to the funniest film ever- from beginning to end, at least 208 laughs-out-loud.
And maybe what's best about it, is that you don't know about it yet! You don't know YET that it's your favorite comedy film. If you have really young children, sit them closest to the screen, for best effects.

Welcome back Pee Wee, Speck, Large Marge, Mickey, BuxTON!, Dottie and Simone! It says something VERY Good, in my case, when one knows all the dialogue by heart, can quote it all by heart, and find it is still hilarious each time it's seen... as I lie along the highway, with my big thumb stuck up! Heading for the Ala - Mo. Careful, watch out for the police road block ahead! Heh. Heh. Hehhehheh. Heh. Heh. Hehhehheh. Shhhhh, I'm Listening to Reason!

This is the Directorial debut of the great Tim Burton, and with this gem he expresses his acute skills in bringing out every possible humorous, every possible doink situation to screaming laughter! But look for Burton's directorial tribute to the late, suspensful and frightening Alfred Hitchcock as well.... in the scenes just after Pee Wee discovers his bike stolen, in the mall, and again, walking down the street toward the psychic palm readers' place.

The movie's musical score is written by Danny Elfman, composer of 'The Simpsons' theme song, among other quality, off-the-wall pieces. Here is another teaser for you:

The whole thing is just a capital HOOT! And deservedly, it is coming back to theatres, next year. There's Joy in Mudville again, Pee Wee's back!


one southern belle said...

I don't know how to help you.

Dave said...

I love that movie!!! I think I actually have the DVD at home somewhere...

Redstater said...

Off topic comment but I can't help it...Rockies win again...4-1 over Dbacks, could sweep tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

This is "RalphieLives!". We met during the ESPN Gamecast of the OU/CU game. Being from Colorado, I had to mention SWEEEEEP
as the Rockies are headed to the World Series. Jump onboard the bandwagon if you are not already a Rockies fan. I totally enjoy your website. Stay stong! PS OU may end up winning the national championship after all. Oh yeah, did I mention that I live 10 miles away from the USF Bulls campus here in Tampa, Florida.

The Localmalcontent said...

Yeah, I remember you, RalphieLives!
But I thought you were in Jacksonville, FL.
Stay cool, man, and visit here again. and I'll run into you again at SI, I hope.