Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Right Angles

Just a quickie before I have to dash off to work-

On the very good advice from a friend, I took down the angry post directed toward my other friend, Professor Combs, of the University of Texas at Tyler. And toned down another.
For one thing, I didn't like having my email address exposed for all the world to see.

But the jist of his good advice was "remember, you get more flies with honey, than with vinegar". So I have decided to approach this from a different tack, and will announce any successes in that goal here.

Let's just blame it on having a very nice day off yesterday, plenty of rain, cool temps, a couple of adult beverages before supper (and a very good supper- the recipe of which is on the flip-side of this blog, over at Krazy Town. What? you don't know how to get to Krazy Town? Directions are on the bottom of my profile page-------), and all the rest of the good news yesterday.

No, it was not a day off due to "Colombus Day". But, gotta go now. C'ya.


Redstater said...

Hey man, just stopped by to see how you were doin'...

I added my favorite music to my blog... bighead Todd..
don't know if you know who they are, but my past favorites were Jefferson Airplane (not starship), leon russell, Freddie King, early lynyrd skynyrd, early REO Speedwagon, pinkfloyd, Tommy Bolin, ...could go on, but that gives you an idea of where I'm coming from.
Blues and Rock.
Hope to see ya soon, keep on bloggin'...

CGHill said...

But the jist of his good advice was "remember, you get more flies with honey, than with vinegar".

Either way, though, you get flies. And who the hell needs flies? Unless they're part of your diet (hat tip: Kermit), they're just sucking up oxygen.

The Localmalcontent said...

Red, shoot! I was just over to Red S. Tater, and I forgot to look for the music. Doin' fine here, thanks. Some Leon Russell on my fine/tune, too. Plenty of Oklahoma tunes, artists, but NONE by Rodgers and Hammerstein!

Chaz, yeah, sticky, stinky flies to boot. But this guy got under my skin this week, and pretty soon I'll have a boatload of info on him, for uh, er educational purposes.

Redstater said...

No flies?

how about this one..
you'll attract more bees with honey than with vinegar... and attract more hummingbirds with sugarwater than with saltwater....

and you are interested in the birds and the bees aren't ya?

The Localmalcontent said...

the birds and the bees here, a reference to being close to Ann Coulter in another post...

theres no flies on her, for sure!

I'm crazy about Ann... Maybe I'll dream about her tonight; gotta go!