Sunday, October 7, 2007

Something like A Tornado Siren, A "Socialization" siren, is Needed

Parts of the following are from back and forth comments between us Okie bloggers, Red S. Tater and The Localmalcontent.

They all are spawned here, from Red's very inciteful blog post.

"I Dispise, yet I Use, the Indian Health Service. It IS Socialized Health Care, Medicine Already in the U.S.

Ya know Red, your post here hits on a topic which I both dispise and yet know something about. For I am a recipient of socialized medicine and health care. If I had your admirable skills of communication, I'd blog on this extensively, critically. Harshly.

From my POV, I can see how the US Govt. keeps American Indians down with this kind of government hand-out, and more; likewise, I can see where all of this universal health care coverage BS is heading. But I do not have the skills to point it out in the bigger picture, to everyone.
Suffice it to say, I understand the 55 Tulsa Univ. students' envy, racism directed at us. Instead of being able to put it all down into words in a tiny, tiny blog, I see the whole thing as one image in my mind; as a whole, and as an event to dread, and all of it to fight against as hard as we all can. For rather than encouraging individuals to be the best they can become, they are assured by government that they will have a safety net; therefore, they can be as lazy as we're percieved as being.

For what other Americans see now, as Indians' lucky, fortunate complete health coverage is already 'socialized medicine', and the Indian Health Service (its $3.8 billion annual budget), along with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, et. al., prevent Indians from achieving any higher social development, by keeping them dependant on the Federal gov. entirely from cradle to grave.

Look at the poor conditions of Indians in Arizona, or in South Dakota, or in Alaska as proof! In that sense, Oklahoma Indians do NOT live on reservations, do not totally rely on monthly govt.checks, or on minimal govt. support. Another reason to feel blessed here in Oklahoma! And my parents' encouragement for me to be educated.

But Red, this same Socialism is coming to you and to every American, not just the Red man. Or to children. Or to the poor, the elderly or the infirm. And for any groups' efforts to "oppose" it marks them as Racist.

I see the whole thing, from my perspective within the bounded confines of the bubble:
The Past, it's effects, the present, the desperation in Indians' eyes, and the future, wherein we all are treated this way, in one God-awful image.
This Democratic "benevolence" of Universal Health Care is a trap, it is a danger to be avoided."

As many of you already know, I have been in the hospital or under the surgeon's knife twice already this year: Once, back in late February, for facial reconstructive surgery, the result of another Choctaw's drunken anger, his attack on me; and now in September, hernia surgery to correct an abdominal wall tear, thanks to my being 55 pounds overweight and my sedintary job. I have been hospitalized another time too, this year, for two bleeding ulcers, for five days in March.

First of all, I think that I need to say "Thank You", to every American taxpayer for these procedures. While I have a good job here within the Choctaw Nation, and earn more money than I deserve, I Am Urged To Use My Indian Benefits Whenever Applicable.

I pay for and have private insurance out the wazoo! Health, Life, Auto, Home, just like every other American citizen today should. That is my responsibility! That's my obligation. But I am still required to take advantage of the Socialized Medical Care that is provided for by you, the taxpayers.

I don't like it, don't like doing so, please believe me! But I'm urged to, by my employer, my Choctaw nation, in order to keep the Federal funding as high, and as comprehensive as it is today; and to help make it "better" for tomorrow.

Other than the two emergency visits to the Indian Health Services this year, which would have been covered by either my personal insurance or by statute governing Emergency services, this secret, this hidden Socialized Medical coverage is a massive boondoggle, flodded with Red Tape and delays, just like it is presently in Canada and in "GREAT" Britain.



But I get ahead of myself here. In my poor evaluation of socialized medicine, and the coming dangers for the US.
Knowing that I had an inguinal hernia for the last 8 months, I had to take umteen tests and exams to have that confirmed, and my out-patient surgery was performed after 8 months of waiting, waiting, waiting, in September.

And the hoops that I had to jump through, required by the US government, the Indian Health Services, to get to that point!! : Had to make 6 round trips to Tulsa to see the surgeon, with two overnight stays, all at my expense: Being treated like a little child each time I was there: Being forced to start over the whole process, when a Gov't. doctor was recycled, moved from his locale.

And just you wait, America!! The very same, modern and 'progressive' health care is coming to you, or to your loved one, SOON!!

There are so many ways, so many things I could point to within my own Chocaw life, my Indian experience if you like-- that indicate to me clearly-- that our nation is in danger of becoming 'just another pathetic and hopeless society', like Venezuela, or like Cuba.

That I don't know what else to do here in my admittedly small, The Localmalcont blog.

I could go back to the days when I stomped around the Internet everyday, complaining about the dangers of the Democrats, or of the United Nations--- Each one being the most useless, feckless organizations-- and risk another bout of ulcers, or I can seemingly be invisible on this blog, and make healthier, more pleasant comments about the Oklahoma Sooners or St. Louis Cardinals or something else ultimately irrelevant, to keep myself far away from the Socialized medicine and health care that Im required to be a part of, both racially and socially. And not to mention the awful, intense pain I felt then, or all the tubes stuck into me.

Re the Socialization of American Health Care, and of the Socialization of the American way of life soon, I see it all as one big image, only one big picture in my Indian mind, and the separate pieces of it all are indistinguishable, and are indescribable in it's small parts.

For me personally, it is like trying to describe in just a few words, but nessisarily completely, a serene river and it's surrounding foliage, or to descibe a sunrise on a beach; or to describe the singular events during a train wreck, or an awful airplane crash.

It is a coming danger. It is still avoidable, but only if and when we all see it as a danger, instead of as a "safety net".

I am just one voice. But I see the destruction and the misery coming ahead.


Redstater said...

God Bless You Brother, you are in our prayers.

ANYTHING that I can personally EVER do for you or to help you... please do ME the favor of asking.

The Localmalcontent said...

Well, thank you Red, that's kind. And you can betcha that the feelings are mutual.
But I'm fine; I have sure made more trips to a hospital than ever in my life this yr, but alls well.

Babs said...

Wow. I never gave much consideration to the pressure and urgings to use Indian Health Care even when other health care is available. I just figured if a person had both forms of health care they would use the one that works best for them and/or the Indian Health Care would just be there for them if they should ever need it. A very insightful post. I thank you for sharing your first hand experience and comparing Indian Health Care to Socialized medicine in the US (no matter what name they attach to it).

May you continue to receive the power of healing.

The Localmalcontent said...

Thanks Babs, for your kind sentiment. Socialized medicine is a dreaded outcome, the kind of which dulls the creative genius of this great country. There is a solution to health care for the less fortunate among us, but this one-size-fits-all aint it.

Cheryl Suellen Smith said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Localmalcontent said...

Cheryl, thanks for commenting here!
I must respectfully decline your invitation to participate in your study, however.

I work for the Choctaw Nation in one of it's casinos, and will not jeopardize my job. Shoot, even my pic on this bloggie is about 10 years old, to help conceal my identity. That, and it's the only picture of me where I look like a 'malcontent'. LOL
That, and I fear that localmuslimextremists may lurk in Dallas, down the road from me, and I get my share of hate messages from them crazy jihaddies.

So I wish you well with your studies, and with the creation of a Navajo constitution~! It is important most of all to keep Socialized medicine and health care out of our grand nation, and you should know that I support that work completely.

Cheryl Suellen Smith said...

Dear Malcontent,
1) You don't really look like a malcontent in your picture...but I certainly appreciate the effort. Maybe you could put up a new picture and change your name to The Local Content. Just a thought.
2) I wasn't really asking you to participate in a formal study--I'm just always kind of looking for new research ideas. Also, I think there's a serious disconnect between those making the policies and those who have to live with them, so I try to make it a point to actually TALK to people before I offer recommendations.
3) If you can, tell me more about the Choctaw casinos. Good for the Nation? Where can I find economic impact data for the Choctaw Enterprises? Also, it's very difficult from a distance to gauge how the Choctaw people actually feel about the US federal govt, the tribal govt, etc. Any public sounding boards I should know about?
4) I'd be interested in what you think of some of the stuff I've written. See
Really--give me your honest opinion. (BTW, I read your commentary re: the Tulsa study--I'm asking because clearly, brutal honesty isn't an issue for you!)
5) Could you take my contact info off the last note I sent you. I wouldn't want to get a bunch of random malcontents contacting me indiscriminantly.
6) I get that you love your Oklahoma football, and I respect that, but I invite you to ratchet up your expectations and begin a long, personal relationship with the Alabama Crimson Tide. C'mon, a dozen national championships and 20+ confernece titles--now THAT is a team worth cheering! Roll TIDE!!!!
7) Just so you know, my favorite things about Oklahoma are J.C. Watts, Ernest Istook, Steve Largent, Tom Coburn, and the Rogers and Hammerstein musical bearing the state's name...though not necessarily in that order.

Look forward to hearing from you and reading more on your blog. Keep up the good work!


Cheryl Suellen Smith said...

Cheryl Suellen Smith said...
Dear Local Malcontent,

I'm a public policy grad student--I'm doing research on health care market reform. I find some of your comments fascinating and would like to contact you for additional insight re: IHS. (FYI, I battle the creep of socialized medicine every day. I work for a conservative think tank in DC writing about health policy. Always nice to get commentary from those subjected to the policies.)

Also happen to currently be working with the Dine' Policy Institute (Navajo think tank) trying to write a constitution. Was doing background research on the Choctaw econ and political policies...which is what led me to your blog. I'm going to school in Utah but I grew up in Alabama. I chose to do research on the Choctaw because they fascinated me as a child (they seemed so dignified) AND because they showed compassion to my Irish ancestors when they were starving to death during the potato famine. (You know the story?)

Anyway, I think you bring up some great points. Would love to communicate further with you regarding these issues--I can always use new subject matter.

Please contact me at

Thanks and please keep up the good work

The Localmalcontent said...

Cheryl, gotta hand it to ya, you are persistent! Email address....deleted. That part I can symphasize with, as I did the unthinkable yesterday, and deleted a whole post which included my email address, for much the same reason.
Your comment reads much like an email to me, so rather than respond in my usual, longwinded way here, I will put some of your requests together as a post on The Localmalcontent soon.
But for now, two things: You suggest "The Local Content"? A happy, smiling photo of myself?
"Contentment" is a very dangerous way to be, Cheryl. Like quicksand.
Two: The Alabama Crimson Tide???
I'd be run outta town on the rail.
My dear, I graduated from OU. Icould sing Boomer Sooner while in my deerskin crib. Why not just go all the way and have a spiritual relationship with the San Francisco Giants instead of the Cardinals? Why not eat dirt?