Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stockholm Syndrome biased Journalism

If anything gets my blood to boiling point these days, its the abuse or denegration of Israel. Or hot, hot chili peppers.
Be that as it may for later posting, I instead have the silly and over-dramatic story of the Palistinian-kidnapped, BBC reporter, Alan Johnston, held by his friends within Hamas. To wit:

"Alan Johnston, the BBC's Gaza correspondent who was held hostage for nearly four months by Islamic terrorists before being freed in July, is probably the first kidnap victim to develop Stockholm syndrome before being abducted. His solidly pro-Palestinian reporting made him an unlikely target for the militants, and as Melanie Phillips has written, his kidnapping was very likely staged as a prelude to Hamas’s takeover of Gaza a few weeks later.

The whole "BBC interview" was as thick as honey, and every bit as sickeningly sweet as swallowing a tablespoonful:

"So ... Johnston being interviewed, with no end of nods and winks, by the smooth-but-serious Jeremy Vine in, for some reason, a very large empty warehouse; (with) frantic point-of-view shots as we raced through the streets of Gaza; a raven appearing every now and then to symbolise menace. And most bizarrely, every time the prospect of Johnston’s death was raised, we got a sequence ripped off from the movie, Gladiator, showing a woman trailing her hand through a field of tall grass." [Also sounds like a pretty good M. Night Shyamalan flick, complete with recurring raven subplot]
"But for all its silliness, the programme at least steered clear of the broader politics of the Middle East, a temptation that Johnston was unable to resist in a radio program which also aired yesterday, and the text of which is on the BBC’s website. Slipping effortlessly back into the language he employed as Gaza correspondent, Johnston makes excuses for his kidnappers, implicitly pins the blame for his ordeal on Israel, and even manages to get in a swipe at the US."

I cannot forgive the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their egocentric, extreme liberal bias is a damage to the British land, government and people, and to truth. It is such a dang shame that our friends, the average Britons have to pay for this service through taxation; but it otherwise would not succeed, much like our Yankee "Air America" liberal blather radio programming.
"We ARE important, we ARE relevant!! As you can see, by our (having our) own BBC reporter kidnapped for four months this year~!

The relevant money quote, the a$$hole revealing quote is this one: "Whatever else it was, my Gazan incarceration was not what Iraqi prisoners had been forced to endure at Abu Ghraib jail." Groan, eyes rolling!! Meaning I guess, that no one put underwear on his head in Gaza. Too bad really, that's a sure-fire laugh riot, especially among friends.

Read this bombastic article for all the proofs, here at Truth Withheld.
Won't the BBC be disappointed when America, and Nato totally destroy the foreign forces against Israel? Though not named exactly, herein, I refer to Islamic fundamentalists.


Red S Tater said...

do you mean the throatcutting, carbombing Islamo-fascist jihadis?

The BBC would be one of the first places to go down if the "Islamic fundamentalists" got their way...yet they carry the water for the jihad.

"Useful idiot" is the term that comes to mind when I think of the BBC, NPR and NYTimes, but this guy goes far beyond useful.

The Localmalcontent said...

... as opposed to the surf loving, wild and crazy, party guys and gals.
Yeah, those Islamists.

Red S Tater said...

yeah, you're right,..the "surf loving wild and crazy party guys/gals" would be the Democrat party Jihadists.

IT's funny (not haha funny, the other kind) how a few of the Dems are still clinging to defeat in Iraq while preparing for new claims of defeat in a war that hasn't even happened...Iran.