Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Study" of Nothing More than Liberals' Ways

Racism Study

TULSA, Okla. (AP) Oct. 2, 2007 — Results of a racism survey at the University of Tulsa showing American Indians more likely to be regarded with prejudice than other minorities by white students surprised researchers.

A written survey of 55 white, middle-class college students in their 20s who had been in college for more than a year found that American Indians were consistently regarded less favorably on social factor indicator scales than black people.
Researchers said the mix of Oklahoma’s many tribes increased the likelihood of students coming into contact with an Indian person.

"The findings support the idea that although overtly racist ideas toward African-Americans appear to be less prevalent in contemporary America, overt racism towards Native Americans is present," TU researchers said in the study.
According to 2006 U.S. Census estimates, 43,364 self-identified American Indians live in Tulsa County. Statewide, the number is 397,041.

Findings from the study indicate that although the respondents knew that Indians are different in culture, they were viewed less positively than black people. One aspect was perceived privileges, such as free health care, researchers said.

Don't forget about those free Nike N7 sneakers, dude! Or the "free $100,000.00 each of us Indians receive annually as a result of our many Indian Casinos (PS-- Thanks, all ya'll white folks for playing, and do come again!! Maybe next time you'll win the jackpot... ).

Dennis Combs, a former TU associate psychology professor who now works at the University of Texas-Tyler, participated in the research. Combs said the findings are surprising because college students are perceived as liberal regarding race issues.

"Also, Native Americans may also be subject to a newer form of racism called subtle racism, which is centered on them as being different, having poor work ethic, and unfavorable," said Combs, who conducted the study along with student Melissa Tibbits.
Indians also are more likely to be regarded with "blatant prejudice" than black people, the survey showed.

Look, your Localmalcontent has felt a bit of racism, from time to time in 38+ years. Even here on my little bloggie, I inject the occasional self-deprecating humor, based on my race. (Like those "cultural looking" WHITE Nike sneakers last week!)
But I can honestly say that it is NOT a rampant thing whatsoever here in Southeast Oklahoma; maybe it is in Tulsa, but when a survey is conducted with a sample size of ONLY 55 people, I cannot see that that is representative of anything.

Friends, and you are my friends, to me this "survey" says one hell of alot more about the deep racial attitudes of Liberals, like the former TU professor undoubtedly is. Like the great majority of college professors are, huh, Dr. Benjamin, Jr., right, Dochoc? Liberal Know-It-Alls on Blog Oklahoma.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it has always been the Liberal Democrats most interested in identifying any person, any group of people, and any set of folks by their appearance, or by their ancestors nationalities, where they immigrated from.
We have African-Americans;
We have Irish-Americans;
We have German-Americans;
We have Mexican-Americans;
and of course, they cannot leave well enough alone, they must have Native-Americans, also.

This is a divisive ploy to keep us all from becoming one nation. For people like the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, it is also their source of income, keeping us all from just being us, just being Americans.
Liberals must have it this way, in order to pander to each subgroup's particular gripes and particular desires.

The practice is disgusting. And it is to us all, whether or not we allow ourselves to admit it. This "survey" likewise is disgusting. For it will not allow me or any other Indian person to forget to notice that "for all the trivial crap, like skin color", which is different between us, the things that we have all in common are so much more important.

To liberals, to Democrats in general, it appears that keeping us all divided, conquered, is far more important than anything, in pointing out these, our insignificant differences.


Redstater said...

Wow for "only" 38 years you speak with outstanding wisdom. It's great to know there are people in your generation who are leaders such as you. Our country needs more like you Malco, God Bless you.

The Localmalcontent said...

Red, you're kind words are appreciated, but really, I only talk here about the abuses and the lunacy that I see 'round me. But I am really blessed to have become aware of politics during the presidency of a great man, Mr. Reagan, and only try to express his brand of simple common sense and justice.

Thanks again for the compliment; This $20.00 will be in the mail in the morning!
Regards, Friend!

Anonymous said...

As the director the study that is being discussed, I wanted to clarify that there was no political agenda with the study and finding ways to reduce racism is an important scientific and societal goal. I myself am actually a conversative in my thinking.

The Localmalcontent said...
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Redstater said...

He malco, got your message... came as fast as i could.
you look like you're doing just fine to me.

as dave (oklefty) tells me, try to avoid the namecalling (jerk) and nail him down on your point.

I must say however that I agree with the idea that native americans suffer from prejudice and an unfair negative stigma/image more than any other minority in America due to the fact that even African Americans and Hispanics have those prejudices... and not just whiteyes who (in my opinion) are probably the LEAST prejudiced in this day and age.

However your point that asking a few white kids that have never been around native Americans what their opinions of native Americans are... is a valid point.

It sounds like he had a point to prove and cherrypicked info to sell the case for wa... errr i mean sell his premise.

you got him just stay cool and calm and let him make the mistake of getting emotional.

"my heart soars like a hawk"