Friday, October 12, 2007

The Survey Says...

As promised, I now have in my possession the whole, 5-page "racism" survey, conducted last year, 2006, within Tulsa University. And more! Lots more.
I am pouring over it now, and will through the weekend, as well as ask a friend to also give me his professional opinion on it.

NO, my friend is not my psychologist, nor my psychiatrist. No, he's not from Jordan. But he is a long-time medical professional in the Choctaw Nation Health Care system. I can get a critical look at this superficial and ignorant blather, called "Overt and Covert Racial Attitudes Towards African Americans and Native Americans" ("At a Tulsa University Frat Party").
Who you callin' "KOOK", boy?? LOL! Hey!! Wanna see a photo of Dr. Dennis Combs?

Introducing Dr. Dennis Combs, "co-author" of a whopping, 55-person survey. Fifty-five University of Tulsa students.

In the meantime, here's also some of Dr. Combs other works, and a look at his present 2-class-per-Tuesday-only, and his 2-hour-2-days-per-week office schedule, at the University of Texas, Tyler.

Of no doubt is my expectation that Dr. Combs will object to my presenting a critique of his and Melissa's work here, along with my God given right to freely comment on other uh, er, "collaborations" that they have worked together on, probably late into the night.

Wow was that a long sentence! Likely that's a sign of an 'abnormal psychology', huh Dr. Combs? Wanna analize me, Doc? Have me committed, as a "Danger to Society"?
Bring. It. On.

Dr. Comb's Abnormal Psychology class, 2.67 hrs/week, Tuesdays,
listed Here;
Dr. Comb's Advanced Psychopathology Class, 2.67 hrs/week, Tuesdays: here
listed Here.

But what exactly is "Abnormal Psychology"? A definition is found at this Psychology website :
"Abnormal psychology is devoted to the study of mental, emotional, and behavioral aberrations. It is the branch of psychology concerned with research into the classification, causation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of psychological disorders or psychopathology. Its purview covers a broad spectrum of afflictions and includes neuroses, psychoses, personality disorders, psychophysiological disorders, organic mental syndromes, and mental retardation. The essence of abnormal psychology is its emphasis on research into abnormal behaviour and its endeavour to classify the wide range of mental and emotional aberrations into coherent categories and to understand them. Abnormal psychology serves as a backdrop or guide to clinical practice."

"What is abnormal behavior? It is a challenge to provide a widely accepted definition, but most authorities seem to agree on the following key components. First, statistically, abnormal behavior tends to be infrequent in the general population (not too many people suffer from hallucinations or are subject to incapacitating depression, for example). A second component is that abnormal behaviour often disregards social norms. Every society has implicit and explicit rules of conduct. Those who violate these regulations may be seen as abnormal in certain respects -- although what is abnormal in one culture may be the norm in another. Third, the notion of personal suffering is another important component. Personal distress, for instance, is seen in people suffering from anxiety disorders and depression. The fourth component relates to some disability because of which the individual is unable to pursue a desired goal. Thus, substance abuse creates occupational or social disability and can lead to widespread dysfunctions. Finally, abnormal behaviour is often exaggerated. Everyone is subject to certain worries, fears, insecurities, feelings of depression, and so forth, but these feelings become abnormal only when their intensity is unexpectedly severe. Thus, someone who is financially very well off but worries continually about money matters is exhibiting an exaggerated form of behavior." (Its a British website, so I've re-spelled some words into American English)

In a nutshell, the study of Abnormal Behavior, the psychology of same is a purely passive examination of the behavior of an admittedly few number of people, whose acts may or may not represent a norm to them,, most usually accompanied by a personal sense of suffering or distress, or unavoidable disorder, and all according to the "norms" of a larger populace.

Abnormal Behavior is noteworthy in it subjectiveness of evaluation. If two or more persons object to the actions of another single person, then it could be that that singular person is "abnormal". Is this what you get from this definition as well?

It sounds like 'discrimination' to me. Discrimination based upon the accepted, mutual standards of two or more persons.

So, by definition, Dr. Dennis Combs teaches discrimination. How to recognize it, how to be one, and how to defend being one. By the numbers, for 2 hours, 40 minutes per week.
I find his lack of a good, healthy work ethic disturbing. Abnormal.

Shall we start a survey? Here? Cool! Coming right up.

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