Friday, October 5, 2007

Taco Meat and Birthday Cake today

Happy Birthday Coach Switzer! October 5.
70 amazing years young.

May we grateful fans of yours here in Soonerland suggest a big plate of tacos to celebrate?
There will be plenty for everyone, about 5:30 today.

We are planning on holding a big party in your honor today in Dallas, hope you can be a part of it; we are gonna make sure to have fireworks, bands, and lots of freshly killed taco meat. Ground Bevo.

For the first time in quite some years, the annual OU-SAXET Red River Shootout is being held on the 1st Saturday in October, instead of the second. No doubt to honor Coach Switzer.

Now if the Sooners can hang "70" on SAXET today, that would be the icing on the birthday cake, wouldn't it???

I Love the State of SAXET! Every day of the year. Except for today.

On this day, EVEN baseball takes a back seat, for me! I'm like "Baseball? Screwww baseball!"

It will still be the playoffs, tomorrow... There. In baseball land.

Today, though, nothing else exists around these two states while 'The Game' is being played. No traffic moves, no babies are born, and nothing else matters. Yeah, I do have to work today,
the last Saturday for me this year... but I can assure you that I will be hanging out in front of a TV monitor carrying The Game in the Betting area for about 4 straight hours!!

Folks outside of SAXET and Soonerland cannot possibly comprehend how much this Game means to both states. It's not anything like other football rivalries. Shoot, it's not even like other football games! But for this weekend, OU-SAXET tickets are more coveted, more precious than just about anything, except mama.

So just get ready SAXET, to have your butts handed to you today. Taco Meat.

This photo should have been a warning to us all, back in 1999....
to choose John McCain.

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