Friday, October 26, 2007

Techni-mental Difficulties

Fatigue. And the little needle is pushing into the red zone on the fatigue dial.

There is so much news, and alot of it is good news today, but I've sat here 20 minutes blankly, not knowing what to say, or where to even begin. Boy, hope this isn't another early warning of hospitalization again.

Another 3 minutes gone by. Another 1 minute after that.

Oklahoma's House Bill 1804 is being attacked again, an attempt to prevent it's implemtation next week. Similar plaintiffs in this suit, along with several Jose and Juanita Does are listed in this lawsuit, along with the owner of a Mexican Restaurant, all claiming that they've been unjustly treated as a result of a pending law. this is folly.

And it won't stand up in court, again.

A charge in the lawsuit claims that illegal immigrants are being forced into 'self-incrimination', contrary to the Constitution. Somewhere there is another joke in there, an illogical conclusion, but I can't identify it now.

Some of the details of the lawsuit are in the Journal Record's account are HERE .

No word whether or not the Governor, Attorney General, specific landlords or employers are listed as Defendants in the newspaper story, but you and I might watch for a deputy coming to our front doors soon, to serve us the summons.

In a wonderful, welcome but unexpected slapdown of the Portland, Maine school district, the District Attorney has ruled that the Middle Schools that are now mandated to giving pre-teen girls Birth Control pills are in violation of Maine law, for not reporting illegal under-age sexual activities of its students.

My heartiest and best congratulations to Cumberland County, ME District Attorney Stephanie Anderson, for putting the school board on the hot seat, and therefore responsible for any and all effects of their lunatic decision to give 11 year old girls prescription meds, without parental notification.

The story is off the DrudgeReport, from Portland HERE
Hooray for this woman, and for the rule of law and of Right!!

The new SCHIP legislation has once again been vetoed today by President Bush. I wish that he'd become a small government, tightwad Conservative 6 years ago though.

The Lone Star Times newspaper has proven that Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has received donations from a Neo Nazi donor, the owner of '', a forum for White Supremists, and purveyor of Ku Klux Klan ideals. Mr. Paul will not return the money.

Hats Off to the Thursday, October 25th exclusive story exposing Congressman Paul on this!

Like seven years ago, Al Gore's high school and college transcripts are being made public, in an effort to demonstrate that Mr. Gore made Cs and Ds in his physical sciences courses.
What more reason to give him credit and credence for his Global Warming Warnings!

The death of Man's Second-Best friend: My microwave oven has re-heated up its last cup of coffee, its last slice of pizza. It died sometime yesterday.

This is not 'Lake Woebegone', but somehow, it sounds like it, huh?


Red S Tater said...

I can only hope that your baseball team is in the same shape tomorrow as you are now.... you weren't in the mood to play on this one, huh.

Smile mal, things are lookin'up.

The Localmalcontent said...

I'm betting the Rockies revert to their former 21 wins out of 22 played stature on Saturday night.