Sunday, October 14, 2007

Two Strong, Thought Provoking Articles

Two excellent articles brought to my attention regarding the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) legislation recently, which President Bush vetoed last week, clearly show how our current Democratic majorities in Congress intend most of us to become dependant upon government for our health care.

But wisely, Mr. Bush vetoed it, as mentioned. Good thing too, as one will see upon reading these two fine articles from the Heritage Foundation, written by our good friend, One Southern Belle, here at The Local Malcontent.

The wide-open spending habits, and the desires of creation of a 'health welfare state' of liberal Democrats is laid bare in these insightful articles. Again, Those Wacky Democrats!

Lovingly lifted from the Heritage Foundation website, with pride of friendship with the author, are these:

August 1, 2007 article

August 29, 2007 article

Long-term analysis of another proposed government entitlement program doesn't appear to be a strong suit for this lot of Democrat politicians. And as the author of these articles emphasizes, "financing the House bill would also mean reductions in Medicare...."
Robbing from one growing burden of our government to finance another one.
Trouble with that though, is that both will, would suffer.

But then again, that's what back-breaking tax increases are for!

The money quote: If enacted, it would have a profoundly negative effect on millions of Americans for years to come. Running through the legislation are common objectives: the progressive reduction of personal choice in private health care alternatives, crowding out private coverage among the young, and eliminating or reducing private health plans as viable options for the elderly and disabled in Medicare.

Hat's off to you, One Southern Belle! We're glad you're here, and so wise too!
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