Saturday, November 24, 2007

Australia sweeps out Conservative leadership

ESPN commentators are cracking up calling this guy's plays. Mostly prefering to call him 'Pete LaLick'.
And on this player's second series, the ESPN guys virtually call him 'LOLICH', like the old Detroit pitcher, Mickey.
Reminds me of that 90s Stanford running back, Rod Steel... or was it Organ State?

The time off for me was real good-- getting back next to Earth, with no politics, no real trouble except a rock or two under the tent tarp where I laid down to sleep. I smell of good camp fire smoke, beans and pan cornbread.

I didn't kill a buck; but didn't expect, or want to this year. I only saw one buck in my 30-30s sight- Thursday morning. I missed my shot. But of the 5 of us together, we bagged 3, and I'll be getting some of that venison later on next week. Amos had a blast, not really knowing what to do, but trusting me, listening to me good, to stay quiet, learning. He's a better squirrel or duck hunting dog, but he's coming along nice.

*It's been sleeting all day long here, and 'bout 35 degrees. Calling for our first snow, tonight on.

My Liberal (meaning Labor) Australian friend Jon is just beside himself today, with his party's success in the national elections there. "Conservatives" there are called the Liberal party... but then again, it's called Summertime there now, and water drains backwards too.


Red S Tater said...

Glad you're back safe and sound... and connected.

pop quiz- what is Duncan Hunters favorite food to cook?

The Localmalcontent said...

Whe thank you, Red.
As for Duncan Hunter's favorite food, I'll guess McSican chicken floutas?
The Original Tennessee recipe, of course-