Monday, November 26, 2007

Hillary's latest Triangulation

The Next Big Thing
All of this started this summer. Or (way) earlier, if you are of the gay persuasion. Last night and now today, it has made it's way into the Ouachitas here. Like most fads out of New York City or California.

While changing TV channels just before 10 pm last night, I caught a glimpse of two guys asleep together on a sofa somewhere. They looked drunk to me. In moments though, each had awoke, and looked deeply into the other's eyes, kissed and went upstairs to bed. This was a Disney/ABC (where else!!) program called "Brothers and Sisters".

I urgently changed the channel over to OETA, in order to watch "Are You Being Served?", the British comedy from the 70-80s which features Mr. Humphries, another gay character. But Humphries is portrayed with enough humor and double entendre, that he's downright funny. The Local Malcontent lamented the death of comedian John Inman earlier this year, who never rid himself of the 'Humphries' association throughout the remainder of his life.

But I digress. Today, the DrudgeReport and the rumor mills orbiting around U.S. politics are saying that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian, and has her uh, girlfriend as her main advisor. A woman named Huma Abedin. Some of these rumors claim to be substantiated, too. Not only that, but the Los Angeles Times is said to be sitting on a sex-scandal story so white hot, about some presidential candidate. Now if the news was about a Republican candidate, they would not waste time announcing it; digging into it with eager zeal as happened with Idaho Senator Larry Craig. "Smear" is the action word when it comes to reporting Republican peccadilloes.

If the lesbian rumors are true, well, that explains alot... almost everything we know about the (open) marriage of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Will the Clinton campaign rush out with patented, well-practiced denials? Will we see another set of 'secret' photos of Bill and Hill dancing, embracing? Betcha we won't see them kissing however; or maybe some hidden microphone revelations of their pillow talk, all to disprove the lesbian rumors. Or at least to quell the rumors back to a manageable level. Slick Willy won't like having to put his girlfriends on the back burner for long...

Or will their counterattack be to announce
Chelsea's engagement? Nothing distracts the attention like a wedding.

All of these measures are "Triangulation", of course. A Clinton specialty. And coming out to accuse the right-wing conspiracy, talk radio and the blogosphere of spreading baseless lies about Hillary is also triangulation. Do anything but deny it. Go around the truth, without being truthful. Accuse the Republican party of trying once again to peek into and govern the bedrooms of innocent people. (and remember, they're all racists, too...)
Heck, even cite the impressive accomplishments of historic gay people like, uh, like, such as....
I cannot think of any historic gay people right now, OK? But be assured that former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevy and Barney Frank will be trotted out to deny such blasphemy as Hillary's gayness. And Democrat voters, unwilling to be exposed as narrow minded, or anti gay, will do the politically correct thing, and elect her. It will be packaged as the progressive thing to do - otherwise, the nasty Republicans (like Bush) will win. And everything in the world that's bad will only get worse. So what if she is a lesbian socialist, and detests the military... it's what we need. Bad bad America!

But what if the depth, the degree of this triangulation is far deeper than we can obviously see? Let's go back in time, to see the base of this 4-dimensional pyramid. We had ABC TV trot out Ellen DeGeneres, in "Ellen". She came out of the closet on prime time. There's Rosie O'Donnell, hipster doofus Democrat moonbat sitting on "The View" panel. Television and all Hollywood push the gay agenda with the crap they produce. We have currently 2 or 3 states which allow same-sex marriages. Obviously, this being gay thing is perfectly normal. And good. TV and our leadership says so.

I'm not certain that I've made the point here, that I meant to; since this is only the beginning of this newest mess of the Clintons' that America will be forced to watch.

I don't want a lesbian President. I don't want Hillary as President. I don't want such a political smear machine in the White House, again, replete with the mysterious deaths, and Chinese influences, and the double entendres of triangulation.


Red S Tater said...

Mechanically Inclined Female Intern Wanted- Must like womens golf, womens tennis, womens rights, 3-way sax and/or adulterer ex-President husbands and be familiar with basic Snap-on tools.
Contact H Rob'em Clip'em

The Localmalcontent said...

That's pretty Straight-forward thinking, Red. It's too bad that you like baseball and football.

Red S Tater said...

mostly nhl and nhra.

The Localmalcontent said...

Sure, of course! I only assumed the NHL, the National Hillary Limitation, and the NHRA, the National Hillary Rebuttal Assoc.

The Broncos are feeling needy these days, Red... can ya do something for them? Big LOL
A supportive blog, or a huge, 5-figure cash donation... whatever;

Abouna said...

What you see on TV today is nothing more than a well organized plan to destroy any and all all moral values in this country. It is one more step toward making it easier to numb the minds of the masses to make them easier to control.

I don't know how many of the books you read that came out while Bil was prez, but according to most of them at that time, either came right out and said the Hildebeast was a lesbian, or the strongly hinted at it. From what I heard, it was Hillary who who pressured Bill to appoint Janet Reno and Ruth Bader Ginzberg, along with several other Gay and lesbian staff members.

With all the gay and lesbian content in just about every show, it doesn't pay to watch TV any more.