Thursday, November 15, 2007


Barry Bonds* indicted

lovingly lifted from The San Jose Mercury News

Baseball superstar Barry Bonds* was charged today with perjury and obstruction of justice, the culmination of a four-year federal probe into whether he lied under oath to a grand jury investigating steroid use by elite athletes.
The indictment comes three months after the 43-year-old Bonds*, one of the biggest [names] in professional sports, passed Hank Aaron to become baseball's career home run leader, his sport's most hallowed record. Bonds*, who parted ways with the Giants at the end of last season, also holds the game's single-season home run record of 73.

While Bonds* was chasing Aaron amid the adulation of Giants fans and the scorn of baseball fans almost everywhere else, due to his notoriously prickly personality and nagging steroid allegations, a grand jury quietly worked behind closed doors to put the finishing touches on the long-rumored indictment.

Cardinals Open to Rolen Trade
Less-lovingly lifted from STLToday

The Cardinals no longer deny the increasingly obvious: Scott Rolen is in play. General manager John Mozeliak confirmed Tuesday meeting with Rolen’s agents and discussing the Gold Glove third baseman’s availability for trade during last week’s GM meetings in Orlando.

With no thaw predicted in the famously frosty relationship between Rolen and manager Tony La Russa, Mozeliak on Tuesday conceded willingness by all parties to at least explore "other options."Mozeliak called Rolen’s status "a very delicate situation."

Rolen’s relationship with La Russa was badly damaged in 2005 after he suffered a serious shoulder injury that ultimately required two surgeries and ended his season. Rolen felt the club misled him about the severity of his condition.

Rolen, 32, struggled for most of last season, hitting .265 with only eight home runs and 58 RBI in 392 at-bats.La Russa sent a letter to Rolen shortly after this season conveying what he believed Rolen needed to do to rehabilitate his standing. If the correspondence was intended to heal any rift, it failed, according to sources familiar with the player’s reaction.

Rolen was "infuriated," according to one source told of the letter’s contents by Rolen.

1, 2, 3, 4, 4-1/2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9.8, 10. That didn't help. I am still infuriated, too. Who needs LaRussa? Dammit! That arrogant, egotistical LaRussa is a creep. I can't go on... I'll dent something.


Red S Tater said...

Everytime I see something on Barry Bonds I remember being out in the Rightfield cheapseats at Mile High Stadium (before Coors Field) chanting..."Baaaaaarryyyyyy, Baaaaaaarryyyyy, Baaarrrryyyyy..." people didn't like him even back then.

One Southern Belle said...

The fact that Barry Bonds* is a gifted athlete is without question. What IS in question, however, is:

1) to what degree would Bonds* have been successful without the use of performance-enhancing drugs?,
2) given the current situation, did Bonds* really deserve to be recognized as shattering Hammerin' Hank's HR record? and
3) Pete Rose got a lifetime MLB ban as a consequence of his betting on the Reds. A federal grand jury charged Bonds* with four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. Who LEAST deserves to be inducted at Cooperstown?

In my never-to-be-humble opinion, the answers are 1) not even close 2) no way, and 3) are you kidding me?

The Localmalcontent said...

Red- That must've been back when Bonds* played for the Pirates, huh?
No team will sign him now, except for maybe the California Pen. League.
Scarlett- Bonds* success would have always been guaranteed; he was an adequate hitter and fielder in his early career. But fame and a seat at Cooperstown would have evaded him. The Balco advantage made him think he was better than the game, that all he had to do was pop long flies into McCovey Cove or the right field seats elsewhere, while ceasing to dive for potential base hits to left for his team. He let most balls drop in front of him in his recent years, and relied on CF Winn or SS Omar Vizquel to chase down what he let go by him.
Interesting to note that the SF Giants website has NOTHING on Bonds* indictment today....
And Pete Rose broke a basic rule of baseball, betting on the Reds, or in fact any team, again as a result of a perceived weakness in himself, just like Baaarrrrrryyyy.
Neither can ever be in the Hall of Fame.

One Southern Belle said...

Mal, I totally agree with you. Bonds* is a good baseball player BUT without the 'roids he would have never, EVER passed Hank Aaron.

Please be advised: As a Southerner I am ESPECIALLY ticked on this point. I feel as though Hank--my fellow native Alabamian--has kind of gotten the shaft on this deal. I am also ticked for, and in behalf of, the Atlanta Braves (aka America's Team) with whom Aaron spent some of his greatest, most impressive days. (As a kid and as an adult I went to Fulton County Stadium--I just loved that H.A. statue!) If, indeed, Bonds* didn't perform these great feats sans steroids, then Hank and the Braves have, to an extent, been robbed.

As far as Pete Rose is concerned, I agree--he broke a rule, the nature of which is considered so repugnant by MLB, the associated punishment called for a lifetime ban. My point here is that Bonds*, if found guilty, may not be subject to the same fate as Rose--yet, in the larger sense, who did the most damage to baseball as an American Institution?

The Localmalcontent said...

Sure, Scarlett, things would have been very different had Bonds* never used 'roids.
Your fellow Alabamian Hank Aaron accomplished his feat without them, as did the Babe. As did Roger Maris, when he hit his record 61 dingers in '61. Both records might still be standing, without the use of drugs, because it is widely held that McGwire took them too. Sammy Sosa might hold the single season record, of his 66; I don't think Slammin' Sammy took drugs, but I may be incorrect.
It is now within aim for Alex Rodriguez to surpass 756 homers, if he stays healthy for 10 more years; and I'd rather have a Yankee holding the record than Bonds*, any old day.

Red S Tater said...

Charlie Hustle deserves to be in the hall of fame with an asterisk*, Baaaarryyyy just needs to have his askicked* to the hall of shame.

I was thinking it was like his second or third year with the Giants... it was probably in about 95 or 96.

I remember one thing for sure... it was COLD !(and the Rockies lost)