Monday, November 26, 2007

Iranian Atrocities extended- Free Speech Endangered

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Feminist Activist Accused of Involvement in Terrorist Group

"Maryam Hossienkhah’s arrest, on charges against the national security, caused a lot of reaction from the media sources which are against the Iranian people… While the media controlled by the Zionists and the US foreign affairs related her offense to working towards women's’ rights, there are reports about her involvements in the [Kurdish separatist] terrorist group PJAK.

These speculations become more serious when we analyze the coverage of communist and leftist websites about her case."

"Hossienkhah’s lawyer has strongly dismissed the allegations, and Iranian bloggers ask what the limit of dishonesty can be. A blogger (associates) Maryam’s situation to the inmates of the fictitious prison."

All this, from the American left-wing's Middle Eastern darlings, Iran. It has been the ambition of Iran of late, to jail any and all pro-Western, all dissenting voices, and all progressive thinkers outside of the prevailing thought of Islam, there in Iran.

If it isn't the public hangings of homosexual boys or the threat of the same for any other brave, singular, non-Islamic student, it is the ramblings of a clearly deranged President Ahmedinijad, and desperate Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, stressing the governments' expectations of national unity, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Maryam Hossienkhah is such an alternative, and BRAVE voice within Iran. She is bold enough to speak out against typical, Muslim, one-sided male oppression and dominance, asking only that women there in Iran be given similar rights and the similar respect that men enjoy. Hossienkhah, a young girl by any standards, promotes and projects the ambitions of any woman who sees, who objects to, who questions, who experiences the male-only domination of the prevailing cult in Iran.

And she was arrested for her outspoken-ness. Charged with an absurd crime, "of being in a separatist' group", this woman is in jail now, and seeks only to be put on trial in a viable court.
This won't happen in Iran, naturally, given the easily-intimidated, and neurotic regime in power there, now. But it nevertheless, says volumes about the instability of the government, and of the centers of power, Mr. Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah Khamenei.

Because, friends, it is, as it always is, within a tyrannical, socialistic, and backward government: The leaders CANNOT ALLOW any dissenting dialogue, for fear that the alternative dialogue show a better way forward, than the government will allow. It is far easier to jail, to silence these pesky people who spread the truth, than allow them to multiply in numbers.

In the past 6 weeks, I have become convinced of the dedication and the resolve of the majority of the Iranian public, and, indeed led by the youths of Iran to shout over, to disprove and dis-approve the dangerous, radical Islamic leadership of that (secretly friendly) fine nation. And to that brave endeavor of theirs, I hope that any American, or NATO offensive can be avoided.

Good and decent people, of clear, open conscious should pray daily for the well-being and safety of Maryam Hossienkhah, a clear voice of sanity and reason, in an Iranian prison.
And for all genuinely good, generous Iranian citizens.

Jailed there only because she, Maryam Hossienkhah has a higher ideal than does Islam.

Because she had the nerve to think differently. Objectively. Forwardly.

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Red S Tater said...

Ahmadinejad is an insane madman who if left unchecked, will cause the entire middle east to erupt into that ball of fire we all dread.

The movement from within must be carefully navigated and coordinated and I'll bet you a cold pepsi and a taco that our special forces are inside there doing just that.

For the sake of young Iranian women and Iranians in general as well as the rest of us, i hope the ultimate overthrow of these totalitarians is a success.

Good one mal...