Monday, November 12, 2007

Oklahoma is Number One... In Good Law

Tulsa's KRMG 740 AM radio is reporting today that seven other states are currently looking into copying Oklahoma's fine new illegal immigration law, that went into effect this month, and which has withstood two constitutional challenges thus far.

Unfortunately, though, neither nor Google News search has anything to back up this news.

As I listened to the radio news report, the announcer said that Kansas, Nebraska, California, Montana, TEXAS, New Jersey, and Florida state legislators have been sent requested copies of our brilliant law. The fact (?) that Texas has shown interest is extremely significant, as is Florida, to a lesser extent.
It appears that in Austin, they are taking serious note of Irving, Texas' efforts to deport illegal aliens, preventing them from taking jobs away from native Texans, at far lower wages. The same goes in Tallahassee.

The significance is that each of these states is beginning to recognize that the Federal government is fully expected to continue to shirk its most basic, elemental responsibility to America's citizens: That of national security and border enforcement. Just as Oklahomans did last year, just as Representative Randy Terrill did.

I am reluctant to give in to political pressure, and identify this matter of illegal immigration infiltration as a Conservative Versus Liberal, or as a D. vs. R. controversy, since it is way too obvious that my President Bush is in favor of an amnesty for illegal aliens, yet our Democrat Oklahoma governor signed this bill into law.

I give the proper credit to Governor Henry for understanding that it is a matter of law, of legality mainly, while I continue to blast Bush for his shrugging off of his oath of office.
For this is what our Oklahoma HB 1804 essentially does: It enforces the U.S. Constitution. The Law of the Land. I have not the least problem with any legal immigrant in the United States. I welcome them for their dedication and their drive to acclimate to becoming an American, whereas illegal immigrants demand the same rights and benefits, and diminish the value of an American Citizenship, both to natives and to Naturlized Citizens.

According to a national Rasmussen Poll, taken last week and reported yesterday, 73% of all Americans surveyed support a nationality verification by police during simple traffic stops. Only 18% of those surveyed objected to that suggestion. 9% had no opinion.

"Eighty-five percent (85%) of Republicans believe that police officers should routinely check the immigration status of traffic offenders. That view is shared by 67% of Democrats and 69% of those not affiliated with either major party."

Clearly, according to this poll, huge majorities of every political stripe want significant change in our border security, and in illegal immigration prevention. Percentages this great cannot, SHOULD NOT be ignored by any state's legislative body.

Not if they are elected to represent citizens, the legal citizens of their states.


Red S Tater said...

Bravo amigo, the Oklahoma congress has done something that took it 100 years to do... enforce the laws and borders that the infamous boomer-sooner land run was all about in the first place.
I live near one of the boundaries for one of the land runs... the key word being 'boundary'.

Abouna said...

My Friend, our elected Federal officials will continue to ignore the will of the people and they will continue to look for ways to grant amnesty to illegals one way or another.

You might want to take a gander at my posting for Wednesday on my sight, it will show just how low they are willing to stoop to grant amnesty to illegals.

The Localmalcontent said...

Both you guys are right on the money. I read your Wednesday post, Father; I have never stopped, I read them from my homepage reader.

Good fences DO make good neighbors.
Tain't so far from truth, that.

Dave said...

I always find it surprising to find a man of color being a Conservative Republican, but more power to you. Leave it to backwards Okahoma to lead the way when it comes to any kind of discrimination either against gays, and now the so called invasion by illegal immigrants. Our state has many more problems -being one of the poorest in the union, high teen pregnancies, divorce rate. Sorry I do not have time to be afraid of poor people coming here looking to work. FYI this is not a new problem-why all the fuss now? I think it is just another boogie man to try to scare the white, conservative base to the polls.

The Localmalcontent said...

Thanks, Dave, for sharing that.
Ya know, unlike either Liberal or any typical Democrat-leaning blog, I appreciate everyone leaving their comments, regardless of political stripe.
Thus, my slogan at top of bloggie:
'Why not leave your comments please, if you take the time to wander through and play with me? Watch out for any rough or sharp edges along the way.'
You are no exception, friend.

But Dave, it is you who so eagerly discriminates, disassociates! You call me immediately 'a man of color'. I never care, and hardly even notice my friends' race.
I pity you, in your shallowness and ignorance, Dave.

As well as your naivete, regarding illegal immigration.
Dave, would you be alright with me if I decided to come and live in your house, eat your food, and use your electricity, all without asking or offering to pay you?

I want to come and live in your house, Dave. If you don't like it, then you must obviously be racist, too! Because that is what illegal immigration is, in a nutshell. A CRIME.

That is the part of the "poor people coming here to work" shit that you overlook: That the border jumping immigrants first break the laws of this country, then demand the same rights as any native or naturalized citizen who took the legal course to become, and therefore Respect, an American Citizenship.

Maybe you can pay for them all, Davie, but I choose instead to follow the law, rather than shrug my shoulders, and be overrun.

I am so sorry that I disappoint you, Dave. But it is nothing like how you are a pathetic disappointment to me, and your momma and daddy.

Dave said...

Sorry friend I never called you names or said you were a dissappointment. You read those words into my post. Like I said before, I have no problem with poor people coming here looking for good, honest work. This fear of illegals shall pass and in another few years we will move onto another boogie man for the Republican party to demonize. I shall continue to read your blog because I find your love of our native state refreasing and your writing interesting.

The Localmalcontent said...

Thanks, Dave. You are always welcome, anytime. Half of your above comment is true: I was the one who used the term 'disappointment', spelling it correctly as well, not you.
But the name you called me, since I so closly identify with my state, was 'backwards'.
So half-credit. LOL

HB 1804 is everything I called it in this post: A constructive law which represents the citizens of Oklahoma, when faced with the feckless attempts at (an old problem) immigration control by the U.S. Congress. Seven states and counting ARE examining the bill for possible implemtation in those states. New York's governor Spitzer has today, thrown up his hands and given up on his absurd plan to issue driver's licenses to illegals.
The majority of Americans is, IS making it's intentions heard, Dave. A full 73%...
That's gotta disappoint you.

Dave, please answer my question, OK? I intend to come and live in your house, use your utilities, and eat your food, for free.
Would you object to that?

The Localmalcontent said...


grins `:)