Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our 51st State?

Islamists moan and complain (minimally, or worse) about land rights, and the perturbing existence of Israel, the demands of displaced Palestinians and all that. They never ever, ever mention that Palestinians were the undesirables of every Muslim or Arab nation, before 1948. It was Egypt, Jordan, Syria and even Lebanon who ran them out of their countries, and still do, in the cases of Egypt and Jordan.

But Oh! Let a non-Muslim country like the United States, Great Britain or Australia even suggest what the majorities of these nations are thinking, i.e., the very same course that Muslims in that part of the Middle East are demanding, that Muslims, like the Jews there, all of them, should be packed up and deported back to their deserts, and they howl and complain of human rights violations.

They cannot have it both ways, despite demanding it. Sorry. But thinking that, and suggesting it in meetings such as what will take place next week in Annapolis, Maryland, exposes the flaw of everyone's thinking.

That flaw is this: That everyone can just get along. That ancient hatreds can be smoothed over, after 3,000 smoldering years. That will surely come as a shock to all the dainty Liberals in this country, bent on enacting thought crime legislation. But it is truth. Imagining that Israel can co-exist with a Palestinian state of bass-ackwards, needy, super-violent Muslims just across the street, and over that wall, is folly.

It'll never happen. Period. But, for whatever reason, we keep trying, knowing that the Muslim side of negotiations will never ever, ever be satisfied. What we all should do, instead, is to call a spade a spade, and give Muslims a choice: Continued existence or the mother-of-all-wars they want.

I hope that some bold diplomat has the balls to suggest something equally as threatening:
that Israel become the United States' 51st state.
That would expose the self-unrightous camel buggers!
But I won't hold my breath on that....

Terrorist group Hezbollah is poised to launch bloody reprisals in Britain for any Western attack on Iran, a former intelligence chief has warned. The Sunday London Express.

This reply to that Express article says it best, and probably in proper, Cockney English. "Exit Left": They say it is only a matter of time before they get ahold of Nuclear material to make a Dirty Bomb... Didn't we learn anything from the Ex Secret Service Russian Mans Murder ...they managed to get in radioactive material to murder him under the noses of our Security ...and if Hezbollah are threatening this if we attack Iran.. they say prevention is better than cure ..well send them all Islamic believers home ..They have all had a hard time trying to live with us and it doesn't work ..why because the core of their faith they are taught everything Western is evil so why live here then ..I am sick to death of all of this matter what we do .. we cannot please these people and it is time we stopped trying ...the Majority of people in this Country are sick of our Culture being torn to ribbons to appease Islamic Believers but they have seen this only as weakness on our part ..well it is time we all stood up and said enough is enough ..If you cant live with us then leave now...under no circumstances will we throw out our Culture to suit you and we should send all the Looney Leftist Liberals with them too as they are at the root of all this mince...

Unable to deny it, Muslims look anywhere else but at their precious Koran for the causes of their misfortune. They continue to follow the angry words of their pedophile prophet.
Right to the end.


Red S Tater said...

... "pedophile prophet"... that one's gonna leave a mark.

Nice shot mal.

Great to have ya back!

Note: if they ask you what cut you want from the venison... get the backstraps (tenderloins), cure 'em in milk for 7-10 days in the fridge and grill 'em with your favorite rub on' em.

Get some rolls, and slice those filets thin and serve on those rolls.... ohhhhhh man that's good stuff.

The Localmalcontent said...

"It's all good", from being able to recognize a pedophile prophet and the worldwide dangers he suggests, to that delicious backstrap you suggest.
The deer chili I made week before last, was a rave among the 9 of us who ate it... Got lucky, I guess.