Friday, November 30, 2007

Guilty money- Does this make me a Liberal, or a Capitalist?

Please make your check for my share, out to: The Local Malcontent, please.

Japan, Spain, Italy Face $33 Billion Kyoto Payments
lovingly lifted from By Kristian Rix and Mathew Carr

Japan, Italy and Spain face payments of as much as $33 billion combined for failing to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions as promised under the Kyoto treaty.

The three countries are the worst performers among 36 nations that agreed to curb carbon dioxide gases that cause climate change. The 1997 Kyoto accord designed to slow global warming demands that polluting nations buy credits for their excess emissions from other industrial polluters or investors. [emphasis mine]

``They're looking at a huge bill now,'' said Mike Rosenberg, management professor at the University of Navarra's IESE Business School in Barcelona. ``That is because none would pay to reconvert factories, power plants and paper mills'' to trim gases blamed for the planet-warming ``greenhouse effect.''

Capping carbon emissions will be the focus of next week's climate change conference on the Indonesia island of Bali, where delegates from 190 nations will gather to start talks on a new treaty after the Kyoto accord ends in 2012.

Under the Kyoto Protocol to the UN Climate Change treaty, endorsed by 175 nations and organizations, countries that exceed their emission caps must buy credits in the market. The sellers are typically investors or industrial polluters that have accumulated a surplus of credits, also called permits.

Spain faces a $7.8 billion cost, and Italy and Japan each may owe about $13 billion, based on estimates by their governments and the current price for permits.

I have found my new job!! I am now selling carbon credits. I'm painting the sign later on today, to hang under my mailbox. Need some carbon forgiveness? I've got the cheapest credits around, ladies, gents and prime ministers! And why the heck not me? I hear that Algore is selling them, through a shady LLC corporation...

In Italy, taxpayers will foot 75 percent of the bill for extra permits. ``Italy's behind, and we need to keep cutting emissions,'' said Environment Minister Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio on Sept. 13 in Rome.
Japanese taxpayers will pay for two-thirds of that nation's excess, New Carbon Finance estimated, based on the current sharing between state funding and industry. Well, who-the-hell else will ever pay taxes, but the residents of these, all countries...

Here is a website where you and I can calculate our individual carbon footprints, and determine for ourselves if we qualify for receiving these guilt-ridden, bozo carbon credit payments: "How Big is Yours". Based on the calculator there, I have an annual carbon footprint of 7850 tons, and therefore can take carbon credits. It means that I plant another tree next February, and burn one fireplace less, this winter.

Piece of Cake! I expect your payment within 30 days.


Red S Tater said...

I'm pretty sure you haven't stared at any dark space lately either, which means you can sell credits to those scientists that ARE shortening the life of the universe by just by looking at that dark force thingy.

Red S Tater said...

Hey mal, just a headsup... it looks like my "worst blog of the year" contest ends tonight.... and the winner is?

they are headed for ending in a tie... which proves once and for all that they are ALL LOSERS! LOL

The Localmalcontent said...

I just voted there again, but I voted for the alien-abducted KittyStomp. Where is that guy?
But the tie goes to two of the worst, DocHoc and DocBenjy.
Yeah, all losers!

The Localmalcontent said...

And regarding the shortening life of the universe, haven't you heard?

Bush's fault.

Red S Tater said...

Bush's fault?

Yeah, makes sense.... my bad.

One Southern Belle said...

Okay, I just took the CO2 Footprint test. Apparently I drive too much and, as a result, I am now responsible for reforestation in Kenya.