Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sallisaw Henrietta Wagoner Bowlegs

We're gearing up for a great big ole Birthday Bash this week here in Oklahoma, and everybody's invited, and everyone will be here.

From one end of the state to the other, from Poteau to Boise City, from Burns Flat to Snow, from Reagan (Johnston County) to Clinton (Custer County) to Gore (Sequoyah County), from Oklahoma City to Bugtussle, we're all puttin' on our Sunday best duds, and going to a party~!

Our Birthday Party!

Statehood day was and is November 16. This Friday, appropriately. And for one weekend, at least, we don't care if you're a Cowboy or a Sooner or a Golden Hurricane, a Razorback, a Longhorn--whatever you are, you're sure welcome to come by and celebrate with us, as 'family'.

Cause we sure are proud and lucky to live here in America's heartland, despite tornado alley running through us here. And really, it doesn't matter if you are a dirt farmer or T. Boone Pickens, if you are from Oklahoma, you're pretty downright friendly.
Oklahomans find it real easy to put aside differences, when it matters most, come together to enjoy laughs and smiles and good times. That is what this week means to us. Out of all 50, this state is most recognized for its real friendly people.

We may have a Little Axe, a Broken Arrow, a Broken Bow, and a Burnt Cabin, but you don't often hear us complaining. In fact, every spring when the storms come through here, Okies from all corners demonstrate their unparalleled, compassionate generosity when some of our friends have been hit by a bad storm, or by homegrown terrorism back on April 19, 1995. For the most part, we all are a God-loving, great bunch of folks.

Because we all know internally, that we've got the best of all worlds here in Oklahoma. No one here has to travel very far at all to experience a whole different way of life within our state: Ya'll are always welcome to come to a PowWow, to come go swimming in one of our many lakes, rivers or streams, or fish or ski or windsail, or climb granite rock mountains or go sand duning in Little Sahara; experience the always exciting nightlife in OKC's Bricktown or the bright lights along Tulsa's S. Peoria Avenue, old town Guthrie or yes, even one of our many Indian Casinos, you will be welcome, and you'll have a great time.

And maybe, that's our, us Okies', best kept secret-- we all enjoy these things, these places all the time. But this week, and next weekend will be pretty special! And we are never real surprised, if the person behind us in line to get hamburgers or a tea refill or another pitcher of beer is some guy named Henry or Coburn, or Skelly or Joad, McEntire, Selmon, Watts, Bench, Okpulo-Taha, or Smoot.
We drop all the pretenses off at the door, greeting each other with a big smile.

Ya'll are all welcome to come be 'one of us' this week.
*And by the way, both Salli and Henrietta were swingin' their legs this week, dancing up a storm!

We ARE Oklahoma! And the land we belong to IS GRAND!


Colb_OSU said...

You should also add From Stillwater to Rush Springs, to your lists.

Where I work they are putting everyone on duty Friday night. (Eskimo Joe's)

man, it's going to be fun.

The Localmalcontent said...

GOOD CALL, Colby! That's a great observation.

I'd add this: If Texas is so proud of only "Six Flags", then how much more should we be proud, having as many as (by my count) 25?

Many thanks, buddy!

Red S Tater said...

Happy Birthday Oklahoma!

I was in Colorado for their Centennial back in 1976...thus their slogan, the Centennial State.
It was very cool, I have been disappointed up until this point with the celebration here...hopefully next weekend will make up for it!

Got the double barrel 12ga ready to go.

Anonymous said...

Please also mention the 10 kilometer run, we began last March at Lake Tenkiller;
Called the "10K-10k". We had over 110 runners last spring, hoping for more next year with more word of mouth and coverage. Come Visit us in Cookson, and in Vian, alright?
Next years marathon is scheduled to be on 05/10/08.

The Localmalcontent said...

There's always tomorrow, Red. haha
And next weekend; from all that I'm hearing, Oklahoma's birthday party will be one to remember! to sober up from...

and Anonymous, I Love That Name: The 10K 10k. Does the runners' path go around Tenkiller, or just near by on one side or the other? The Cherokee nation oughtta be sponsors of this! Send me info!
I will come run in that! For a few hundred feet or so... will Oxygen be available?

One Southern Belle said...

And don't forget--a guy named Istook may be in line behind you as well!

I like the name 10k-10k as well--great moniker! Very clever!

Have fun, Okies!

Red S Tater said...

Tenkiller... my favorite place in Oklahoma.

'back in the day' I jumped off the cliffs by the dam...
"wow, that's cold"

Since moving back here, me and the better half have gone to Tenkiller every year on our anniversary...ahh the Fin & Feather.

When is the 10k10k and what kind of vehicles do they allow one to drive, 'cause I sure ain't runnin' that far.
If I were younger or cared about my health more... I'd come up there and outrun BOTH of ya'.

But instead I might be willing to come and cheer you on!

The Localmalcontent said...

Yeah, I've jumped off those cliffs as well, back when I was thinner. Now I'm a sinker. And COLD, either way!

Personally, this is news to me too about a 10-kilometer run around ? Tenkiller... Now Cookson is on the east side, near Chicken Creek and Six Shooter; Vian is about 8 miles south or so.

Anonymous, any details?

Red S Tater said...

My Great Uncle Ewell lived over at Blackgum landing... by the boy scout camp. I've spent a lotta time there as a kid... we used to go to the stomp dance, lottafun.

his favorite sayings...about his wife who talked nonstop..."white man speak with forked tongue... 'ol white haired woman speak with TWO tongues"!

..."She's got the hoof & mouth disease, ...she walks and talks all night long".

Aunt Ida's favorite sayings about him..."you never listen to a single word I say"... his response, I've never heard you say a "single word".

I LOVE Tenkiller.