Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some of God's Greatest Gifts... Unanswered Prayers

For a week now, my bloggie has been telling and showing readers from all over the world the wonderful meaning of "Oklahoma", and it's diverse natural beauty, the pride we Okies feel living here, and the building excitement of our coming birthday party.

But there is so much more to it: There is just a really good spirit here. A spirit that imbues the great majority of Okies with the little things which go to make up a good life. Like an easy smile, a clean joke near at-hand, a willingness to help others in need: Will Rogers said it so clearly, decades ago, when he claimed that he never met a man he didn't like. Simple and true.

We Oklahomans ARE blessed and fortunate to live here, and even blessed by each other. Exporting that warmth and geniality is what we do best, I hope.

Blessings come in many odd forms. I believe that this land, Oklahoma, is blessed to be near Arkansas, but not be Arkansas. We are blessed to be near Texas, but not be Texas. There could only be ONE Texas, they say....
We are not like Arkansans or Texans or New Mexicans or Kansans or Coloradans. But we appreciate em all being nearby for short visits.

It was native son Garth Brooks who sang "Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers".
Right on, Garth!

By the way, you can hear this classic song, without downloading or anything else, by going to this song lyric site. (That ole boy sure has a voice, hadn't he?!)

But he makes my point in that song. For I would just be a lesser man, if Oklahoma was more like California or more like Massachusetts. If Oklahoma was more like Oregon or like Minnesota, the large cities would dominate state politics, to the detriment of the rest of the state. I am very thankful for not having to live on a Choctaw Reservation, as I might if this was South Dakota or Arizona. Thank you, Father, God. And bless all those folks, too, please. Thank You for the severe storms in the springtime; for they cause us all to be amateur weathermen, able to read the skies above and know what to do. Instead, this magical, wonderful place is Oklahoma.

Earlier this week I said that sure, Oklahoma has problems yet to be solved. But that spirit we share here, it gives us the optimism to face them, the courage to deal with them, and the resolve to overcome them. Call it whatever, our uncommon common sense, our ability to sit down and work together, Oklahomans 'git er done' son! I would be surprised if the 21st Century ahead did not show that Oklahoma had become a national leader among states!

I've never told anyone the following before: But I lived and worked in New Mexico, then Texas in the 1990s.
And very honestly, I began to become concerned about my eyesight while in Texas. Because literally, I was seeing blurry images which weren't there, before my eyes. Mostly scenes around this area here, and my mom's irises of many colors, in her flower gardens.

My mind was telling me to 'go home'. Quit the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and just go home. Back to a familiar place, known roads and familiar trails, to these mountains, where my next new friend is just moments away, to my Tulsa and my Oklahoma City and my Muskogee. Not the sprawling metroplexes that Albuquerque and Dallas/Ft. Worth are. Good places to visit, go and have a good time in, surely, but then come home. Not in Kansas, Dorothy; and not Arkansas, Hillary...

I call her "O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A!".

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