Thursday, November 8, 2007

There Oughtta be a Law!

As long as I'm on a Rant and Roll, there's something else that I Have to get off my chest:

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yet Clearly, there are abuses of this reverent national holiday amongst us all. Many of us, see the holiday as the first of four, uninterrupted days of deer season; others, as the day before the mad rush to buy Christmas presents and Christmas decorations. And sadly, there are still others who, just abuse the day of Thanks to God, for purposes of self aggrandizement and self promotion, right Hillary?

I say, there oughtta be a law~! Against these types of abuse of both animal and of humankind.

As proofs, I offer the following, shameful, video examples, and as always, with my tongue squarely stuck in my cheek:

And if that wasn't enough abuse, here's something equally abusive for your ears, from Richard "Dick" Cheese, the pianist/singer of the world Famous "Vinyl Volkswagen" Lounge, in Dayton, Ohio, home of the one-size-fits-all vinyl seat-covers.

May you and yours, enjoy the blessings of being with family and loved ones during Thanksgiving, and please to remember to give thanks for your many blessings, both realized and for those unknown. And please remember to say a word or two of Thanks to those men and women who fight for America overseas, so that you and I may know peace here at home.

May G-D bless and keep each one of you!


Abouna said...

May you also have a very blessed, safe and happy Thanksgiving and if I don't get to say it on the proper day, May your Christmas be also blessed.

One Southern Belle said...

This is a two parter:

Part 1- I LOVE Thanksgiving. It may be my favorite holiday--if, for no other reason, than that is is nearlt impossible to commercialize. It's getting together with familiy and/or friends, it's remembering blessings, it's spending time alone with you and your Maker, just counting the reasons you have to be grateful, it's good food, etc. Perfect holiday, I'd say.

Part 2- I love the WKRP theme song. Please also be advised I can quite frequently be found singing the theme songs from The Andy Griffith Show and Good Times. I still like the theme songs from Sanford & Son and Barney Miller, but since there are no words, I'm forced to merely hymn.

Good post--very fun!

The Localmalcontent said...

Likewise to all, a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

I love that sacred old hymn as well, "The Andy Griffith hymn". LOL

But do ya really want to be wowed? Listen closly to the words of "Biggest Part of Me", by the 70s group, Ambrosia. It is nothing more than a conversation between a loving Lord and His child! Look up "ambrosia" too...

Red S Tater said...

Hey bud, not fair... you found a Duncan Hunter video that I didn't even know

great work, proud to have you onboard the "real deal mobile".

His interview with Glenn Beck tonight was stellar.
Calm, relaxed and confident.

Best quote... "Remember that Rudy is for gun control, he will be the guy that comes down to South Carolina and pulls your 30/30 out of your truck"
And.. Favorite President?
"George Washington... he didn't blame all his problems on the previous administration".

So my thanksgiving prayer includes..."thanks for giving us Duncan Hunter".