Thursday, November 29, 2007

Those Wacky Democrats - Running CNN

Today, CNN is in 'damage control' mode, due to the several Democratic plants, and questioners chosen, in their Republican debate. Without sounding like a know-it-all, or condescending, I gotta say that I expected nothing less from CNN. The whole set-up [I used the word 'ambush' last night in the preceeding post] was to make Republicans all look like racist redneck dummies. But again that's just CNN.
So I ask: Was this slanted debate designed to win over undecided voters, to the Dems, with these lame questions about the Confederate flag and Log Cabin Republicans?

Red S. Tater nails CNN on the (hit)job they did, and I've lovingly lifted his expose` post in it's entirety here. Thanks Red, good eye!

CNN Debate Debacle Dictated by Democrats

Michelle Malkin has the complete unraveling of the CNN youtube Republican debate last night.It seems now that the light of day is shown on the so-called unbiased and randomly chosen questions... the Democrat stench is everywhere you turn, along with their greasy fingerprints.

The homosexual General (Kieth Kerr) who asked the question on homosexuals serving in the military works for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The girl who asked what the punishment should be for an abortion if Roe V Wade were overturned is a John Edwards supporter.

The so-called Log Cabin Republican questioner is a Obama supporter.

The woman letting her kids play with deadly leaded toys while she asks WHAT Republicans are going to do about it... is a prominent Union activist in the Edwards camp....

The kid that asked the gun question and caught the tossed rifle.... a film maker and not a lifetime member of the NRA as he claimed... and on it goes.

Of course denials are flying in all directions, the Hillary Clinton campaign claims they had no idea General Kerr was going to do that and CNN claims they had not bothered to simply google General Kerr where they would have found that he was a part of the John Kerry campaign in 04 and currently works for Hillary.

The candidates handled themselves professionally and answered every single one of the loaded questions without hesitation.I have but one question.

Where are those guys with the taser guns when you really need them?

I think I understand now, why the Democrats refused to hold a debate on FoxNews... they could not stack the deck in their favor. That's the only way that they can make an impact, cheating as usual.
Howard Dean's fingerprints are just all over this smear campaign, I believe.

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