Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wounded Animal, Chavez` more Dangerous than Ever

lovingly lifted from der Speigel Online by Jens Glusing
Cartoon By Michael Ramirez, Investors Business Daily

Venezuela's socialist president, Hugo Chavez, is losing support. He hopes to shore up his power with an ambitious referendum that could bring him even tighter control of his South American state, but its outcome is uncertain.

Chavez has staked his political future on Sunday's referendum. Unless he wins with a significant majority, new elections will be unavoidable, writes Heinz Dieterich, a German-born professor and top advisor to Chavez who is gradually distancing himself from the president. But the narcissistic president -- who considers himself a reincarnation of South American revolutionary hero Simon Bolivar -- is increasingly losing touch with reality. Surrounded by loyal supporters, he no longer permits criticism, while his excessively generous self-image borders on the grotesque.

The new constitution, drafted in large part by Chavez, is meant to transform oil-rich Venezuela into a "socialist state." It provides the president, who already controls the judiciary and the country's parliament, with the powers of a Roman emperor. It eliminates term limits, gives the president authority to declare a state of emergency and access to the still-independent central bank. The proposed constitution would also introduce a new form of government: a system of municipal councils that would no longer be elected, but appointed by the central government in Caracas.

"Socialism or Death"

"Chavez is staging a coup against democracy," says former Defense Minister Raúl Baduel. The fact that Baduel, one of his closest supporters until only a few months ago, has now turned against the president is a severe blow to Chavez. Baduel was one of the sponsors of the country's 1999 democratic constitution, and in 2002 he led a company of paratroopers that rescued Chavez from a coup and returned him to the presidential palace. Baduel is a general. He's also a thoughtful, devout man who listens to Gregorian chants on a CD player in his office. He clashed with the president in July when Chavez ordered the military to adopt the slogan "Socialism or Death" as its official salute. "Our constitution bans the politicizing of the military, and yet the administration is seeking to bring it in line with its ideology," says the former defense minister.
Paramilitary groups dominate the streets in most Caracas slums. They are the revolutionary guards of a president who trusts them more than he trusts his armed forces or the police. The pistoleros do the dirty work, intimidating rival politicians and journalists, guarding the entrances to the slums and keeping tabs on their residents.

Intimidating .... That's what thuggish, ego-maniacal dictators do. And do well. Keep tabs on their residents, making sure that each and every one vote the correct way next Sunday on Chavez' socialism. Thinking that he could subvert opposition within Venezuela, Chavez shut down two independent Television stations there. Building a socialist utopian village of small, minimal houses in the Venezuelan mountains from the ground up, is another. All the while, a litre of milk cannot be found in the grocery stores anywhere in Caracas, but only on the black market, and there that litre of milk costs more than a fifth of whisky.

It is more than unfortunate that Venezuela has to be the world's second-fastest growing source of ugly, pathetic, political comedy- because of the dictator's mouth: Calling President Bush "the Devil", calling the Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI "Imperialists' Tools", questioning the sanity of Spain's King Juan Carlos, becoming best-buddies with Iran's President Ahmadinnerjacket (the world's fastest growing source of ugly, pathetic, political comedy), and alienating Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia.

A disciple of Cuba's Fidel Castro and worshipper of Che` Guevara, both of whom are unmitigated losers, Chavez wants to transform a once proud and beautiful country into Havana, and her people into beggars and confidants so deeply dependent upon him for every need. He was very recently fired as a 'negotiator' between the FARC fighters and the government of Colombia, when television pictures showed Chavez being buddy-buddy with the far-left revolutionaries of FARC. That dismissal prompted Chavez to call for the overthrow of Colombia's President Uribe.

Sounds very immature, all very junior high school to me.

Yet, it all may work out, in an odd way: Economist Orlando Ochoa predicts that Venezuela's economy will utterly collapse sometime next year, likely the summer. With severe unrest like that, Chavez' Revolution will be facing it's own revolution. One can only hope! With that Socialistic collapse, IF it will be reported on by the world's major media outlets, the news can only thwart the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, a closet socialist. Who, by the way, is being endorsed in her bid for the presidency, by one Mister Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

There is still time for us Americans to judge well, the differing candidacies in our presidential derby. Right now, it is the future of the decent people of Venezuela, whom the world should be praying for. The referendum on Chavez' 69 proposed changes to the national constitution will be Sunday, December 2. This week.

Then watch out for the small, immature Chavez to bitch and moan, threaten and ridicule, when he loses.


Tony Gerardo said...

Presidente Chavez es un pedaso de mierda! President Chavez is a piece of dog shit, still steaming with warmth on a cold morning. The best thing that could happen to Venezuela would be The almighty striking him down where he stands.

The Localmalcontent said...

Well, OK then. could you go into a little more detail, there Tony?