Friday, December 21, 2007

Blog Post Number 300-- My Sincerest Thanks to Some

I want to thank some fellow bloggers here- for Understanding I do not deserve, and for their realizations that I would not ever speak of them, or of any topic in such a way,
which was just tried, in my name.

This all started with my noticing that someone from Guymon, Oklahoma had accessed my Local Malcontent bloggie several times in a day. This activity intrigued me, and I clicked on to the link which had sent that person to my blog.

What I found there, offended me: the comments that were made in my 'localmalcontent' name were vulgar and insulting. These comments called the blog poster an ugly name.
The fact that these comments were made to a Liberal Oklahoma blogger made absolutely NO difference.

This is what the comments which I supposedly wrote, said:
Your views on illegal immigration here, within the United States are beyond shameful!
You are endorsing SLAVERY, you bastard
Mexicans come to work for $1.00 an hour? Instead they should go back home, and confront, challenge their own abusive government, in Mexico!
Deny that, slave master?
localmalcontent Homepage 12.18.07 - 2:44 am

I called that Liberal blogger on the phone, and asked him to please remove the vulgar and offensive comments from his site, because they did not come from me, your Localmalcontent. This nice man, this Liberal blogger, agreed with me, saying to me that he was somewhat surprised that such words SEEMED to come from me.

They never did.

Mahatma X acted in the best spirit of Freedom of Speech that I can only imagine, in deleting these comments. Mahatma X deserves the credit of the day, in believing in me, being offended by "my" words, but more so, in deleting those vulgarities.
I want to specifically thank my fellow Okie Bloggers, but mostly Mahatma X, for both his willingness to delete this vulgar comment, and as well to think that it couldn't have come from me, but my fellow bloggers in Oklahoma, elsewhere for knowing I would not use this language.

And for other things that we talked about, I'm pleased to know another new friend, in Goodwell.

All you Internet bloggers know whom I mean: I won't cite you here, for the reason that that impersonator may still try to comment upon your sites-in my LMC name-- but you know that I mean you, and love you, and overall I thank you. I had to scramble to contact seven of you, and all seven friends have responded via email, with regret and revulsion, and best of all, reassurances.
I, your Local Malcontent, am humbly in your debts.

It Is Not My Place to decide what opinions can be voiced here on the Internet.
And I will never deride you for your opinions which differ from mine.
From each of you today, I've learned that you not only understand that, but mirror that stance as well.

Your Local Malcontent is beginning to know
who is guilty of this.

Nevertheless, I am thankful to each of you fellow bloggers, for your recognition of, for knowing me, in return.

Thank You.

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James said...

As promised, I've taken care of it. Haloscan was being buggy, but where there's a will there's a way! Thanks for calling to let me know what was going on. Whoever was going around using your name was most uncool.

Anyhoo, enjoyed the chat. And of course, congrats on post number 300. I trust there will be many more!