Monday, December 17, 2007

California is a Roller Coaster, Arnold Offers Lead Balloons

**Thank You, Representative Randy Terrill, for our HB 1804 gift, and Merry Christmas to you and yours, too.

lovingly lifted from the San Jose Mercury News

Sacramento - Facing a projected $14 billion budget deficit, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday said he will declare a fiscal emergency, which will allow the governor and lawmakers to cut spending more quickly and also sets the stage for slashing state services and programs - perhaps by as much as 10 percent.
"We are going to call this January for a fiscal emergency when the legislators come back," Schwarzenegger said. "We will make that announcement next week sometime with the legislative leaders."

Legislative leaders said they will meet with Schwarzenegger next week to begin working on what the governor described as "across-the-board" cuts. His aides said departments have been told to prepare for a range of possible cuts, with 10 percent a central figure. It doesn't help that while revenues are disproportionately reliant on income taxes - the state has a number of fixed costs as well as guaranteed funding adopted by voters, most notably for public education. "This is a common thing for California, that we're going on this roller coaster ride," Schwarzenegger said Friday during a speech in Long Beach to promote his health care plan.

Here's a list of 27 sanctuary cities in California:

Bell Gardens, CA• City of Industry, CA• City of Commerce, CA• Cypress, CA• Davis CA• Downey, CA• Fresno, CA• Lakewood, CA• Los Angeles, CA• Long Beach, CA• Lynwood, CA• Maywood, CA• Montebello, CA• National City, CA• Norwalk, CA• Paramount, CA• Pico Rivera, CA• So. Gate, CA• San Bernardino, Ca.• San Diego, CA• Santa Cruz, CA• San Francisco, CA• San Jose, CA• Sonoma County, CA• Vernon, CA• Watsonville, CA• Wilmington, CA

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