Saturday, December 1, 2007

Capricorn horoscope: Watch football all day today

Horoscope for Capricorn, for December 1, 2007:

You are lucky that big things can come in small packages today, for your attention is narrowed by your previous obligations. Nevertheless, within this confined role, you still have an infinite amount of space to wander around in the far reaches of your imagination. Taking care of business can be productive, even when you are lost in your fantasies.


Speaking of gibberish, anyone ever been to The Online Gibberish Generator? Cute little site where you can plug in reasonably coherent text, and you can turn it into sheer gibberish.

Along those same lines, maybe, was the most fun drinking game I played at OU:
The challenge (after several adult beverages already), was to say the word "gibberish" as quickly as possible, 10 times in a row. Usually, what comes out IS gibberish. But if you garble the words, then you must down one. And then try again.... !

Meanwhile, I am lost in deep subconscious fantasies today, waiting for a small package to be delivered.
UPDATE question at 5:30-- What if Krazy Talk and the Local Malcontent switched roles for a day or two? Now that's deep and very subconscious!


One Southern Belle said...

1) My horoscope (Virgo) for today read, "You've cleared so much off of your plate recently that you're starting to look around for new projects to take on. Today is perfect for looking within and deciding what really appeals most to your sense of adventure." adventure? I went to Chuck E. Cheese, does that count?

2) I'd LOVE it if Krazy Talk and the Local Malcontent switched roles every once in a while--kind of shake things up a bit. (Idea: Do it on Fridays and call it --you guessed it--FREAKY FRIDAY)

3) What's in the package? How do you know it's being delivered at 5:30?

The Localmalcontent said...

I've cleared some off that plate of yours as well. Your phone calls to me began to border on stalkerish;
if you 'love' the idea of KTFKT and LMC switching roles on Fridays, then I was clearly delerious in thinking of it.
You always made me regret that I ever said anything.